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any other tivo users out there? that is, tivo or any similar product.

I've had one for about 2.5 years and found it invaluable for tracking down old movies and such.

you can do all sorts of searches on keywords, actors, directors, just about anythign and have it automatically record anything that comes up to watch at your convienence.


not to sound like a tivo commercial but for anybody who likes older or more obscure stuff on tv it really is indespensible and I was just curious of any other forumites take advantage of it.

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I got a tivo not too long ago. I did not get the subscription since they do not support C band satellite. But I use is as a Digital VCR. I used it recently to record about 15 hours consecutive of TCM where they featured Harold Lloyd. I was then able to watch the movies at my convience over the next two weeks. It is also good for catching shorts that do not show up in my C band program guide. They had a nice short of Edgar bergen and Charlie McCarthy during the showing of the Harold Lloyd movies. Just recently I upgraded my tivo myself from a 30GB harddrive to a 120GB harddrive. Now I can record about 44 hours high quality. Tivo and TCM is a great combination.

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