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List your TOP TEN classic films of all time!

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1. Sudden Fear (easily the best film I've ever seen)


3. Notorious

4. The Bad Seed

5. Double Indemnity

6. The Heiress

7. Sunset Boulevard

8. Diabolique

9. Come Back Little Sheba

10. A Streetcar Named Desire

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Here are mine in no particular order


On the Town

Take me Out to the Ball Game

Summer Stock

Singin In THe Rain

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Young At Heart

Calamity Jane

Harvey Girls

Meet me In St. Louis

Yours Mine and Ours


Many many more

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

All That and Heaven Too


The Good Earth



To Kill A Mockingbird

Adventures of Robin Hood

A Lion in Winter

Second List of Ten

Bringing Up Baby

Arsenic and Old Lace


Tale Of Two Cities (Ronald Coleman)

A Fire Over England

Rear Window


The Robe


Charge of the Light Brigade

Sorry I cheated but it is too hard to pick only ten.

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A Face In the Crowd

All About Eve

Splendor In the Grass

Singin' In the Rain

Leave Her to Heaven

Bringing Up Baby

How to Marry a Millionaire


A Place in the Sun

Since You Went Away

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

The Philadelphia Story

The Awful Truth

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

State Fair

A Letter to Three Wives

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1.) The Philadelphia Story

2.) All About Eve

3.) Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

4.) Holiday

5.) Gidget

6.) Splendor in the Grass

7.) Pride and Prejudice

8.) East of Eden

9.) A Nun's Story

10.) Death Takes a Holiday

11.) The Country Girl

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Oh man this is tough. I wrote down some of mine on a piece of paper just now and off the top of my head I've already came up with 17 in 5 minutes. To narrow them down here are mine in no particular order:


My Fair Lady



Sunset Blvd

To Kill A Mockingbird

Singing In The Rain

Fred and Ginger movies (just like a few of you others I can't pick one)

Waterloo Bridge

Gone With The Wind

Meet Me In St. Louis


the others were: Holiday, The Seven Year Itch, Wizard of Oz, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, It's A Wonderful Life, Paper Moon, and White Christmas. And that's in 5 minutes, I would hate to think if I gave myself more time.

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If I were to even attempt to put them in order, my favorites would be as follows:


10. Angels With Dirty Faces

9. Libeled Lady

8. The Bad and the Beautiful

7. Out of the Past

6. Rear Window

5. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

4. Mildred Pierce

3. North by Northwest

2. All About Eve

1. Casablanca


Honorable mentions, and not in any particular order, would be: Gone With the Wind, Laura, Sunset Boulevard, The Big Sleep, The Country Girl, His Girl Friday, It Happened One Night, The Maltese Falcon, A Letter to Three Wives, In a Lonely Place, Vertigo, Stalag 17, My Fair Lady, and Once Upon a Time in the West.



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1. My Fair Lady

2. Gone w/ the Wind

3. Wizard of Oz

4. Schindlers List-don't know if this is a "classic"

5. Roman Holiday

6. Casablanca

7. Whos Afraid of Virginia Wolff

8. Philadelphia Story

9. Sound of Music

10. Lawrence of Arabia


The King and I


Strangers on a Train

African Queen

South Pacific


One Flew over the Coukoos Nest

The Excorcist

Too many but yet, not enough. Classics are the best!

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