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Please help me identify the title of this film.


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Greetings, all. First time poster. I am looking for the title of a movie I saw as a young child. I've looked and looked in vain on the Internet (and on IMDB), but have had no luck. My memory of the film is spotty, but here's what I remember. The film is romantic comedy, and the principal stars may have had accents (British?). For some reason a man and woman were frozen separately in blocks of ice. While still frozen, they were placed on a ship, and that ship was subsequently caught in a storm. The blocks of ice fell off the ship and gradually melted in the sun. The main characters were reunited when they washed up on the shore of a port or island.

The closest plot that matches this description is for a British Television series called Adamant Lives (1967), but I don't think this is the title I'm looking for. I thought it was a film, not a TV series, and I remember a woman being frozen, not just a man, which would be the case in one of the Adamant episodes.

Please help! I've been searching for the title for many years! Thanks in advance.

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