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movies are skipping/stuttering

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So do all of you have DirectTV? I ask because I have Comcast cable and i haven't had any problems of this sort. On either the SD or HD channels.


So do all of you have DirectTV? I ask because I have Comcast cable and i haven't had any problems of this sort. On either the SD or HD channels.

yes  I have directv and no dvr ,and it happens on hd channels only.

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I just dumped DirectTV after the jerk rep I called for the umpteenth time tried to convince me I'm the only person to ever complain. I think I'll live without TCM. Many of the movies they show are available on Netflix. And in excellent quality.


Face it folks. Nobody at TCM or DirectTV cares about quality.

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Today we were only able to watch the highly rated Bing Crosby movie "Going My Way" without juddering by going 3 skips back, then 2 forward, then 1 back.  Otherwise the movie was unwatchable.


I'm switching over to cable TV.

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I have xinfinity/comcast, I have noticed recently that movies offered in TCM on demand in both SD and HD sounds is choppy/cuts out/breaks up


So I spent about an hr between being onhold and speaking the tech support, what someone told me was that the older movies may not convert well.   


So last week I watched the classic "Jerimah johnson"  on the normal TCM channel (I do not have HD) and the sound came in perfect.   so same movie shows up in the TCM ondemand menu and the sound is basically crappy.


whenever I call about a problem I get a BS answer such as the one below:





Hopefully you will find this information helpful J



technology has advanced. Movies were (relatively) new, there was a transition between what was done in Vaudeville and how to bring it across to movies. Acting has moved so much more into the realm of looking natural today that movies done in the 50's look like they could have been done with amateurs today. There's also a lot more knowledge about microphone placement, recording techniques and the like than what was available 50 years ago. Found on :






This article is about the storage and reproduction medium. For their content and production, see Film. For other uses, see Video (disambiguation).

For the use of video in Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia: Creation and usage of media files.


Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media.

Video systems vary greatly in the resolution of the display and refresh rate. Video can be carried on a variety of media, including radio broadcast, tapes, DVDs, computer files etc.


Pls note:  the sound quality issue has been a recent problem

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     This is interesting because you are experiencing the problem on a cable provider and not on a satellite provider.  If you have the patience to read through all the threads in this posting you will see that originally we thought that this is a TCM encoding issue.  All the symptoms point to the video stream being overly compressed.  The exact same symptoms can be simulated using a video editor and overly compressing the output.  Since TCM has never responded in this post, we were left with additional speculation on what the problem is.  In that it started on a particular date, it seemed pretty clear that it is related to a software change. Grappling for answers it began to appear that the problem might be related to the data carrier.  This was reinforced by the recognition that the problem was not happening just on the TCM channel.  DIRECTV seemed to the carrier where most of the problems were occurring, so a discussion thread was started on their forum.

     If this problem is happening on all carriers it would seem that we have gone full circle back to it being a problem that originates with TCM.


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Same here stuttering, skipping and tiling on TCM VOD "SD".

I noticed today nearly all SD movies are gone and only HD versions available.

Except for one or two that still skip. I presume only ultimate solution is to

junk my one SD TV and buy a second HD TV. And, of course pay for

HD box rental


Stephen L

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Just a reminder of something that is buried in one of these posts, the juddering problem can usually be circumvented by skipping backward in the video one or more times.  Sometimes a 2-back, 1 forward type of thing is required.  This allows the decoding device to "buffer" the video more, and the video to be fully decoded without skips in it.  Again a symptom of over compression and/or insufficient buffering.

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I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to say this problem is still ongoing and for me, worse than what it was five years ago.  I just watched part of "Tarzan's Revenge" and stopped watching because the "strobing", stuttering" or "jerkiness" was so bad in parts of it, worse than animation in a flip book.   I have deleted several other movies from my DVR from TCM for the same reason.   TCM makes the claim they show movies "the way they were intended to be seen", but I'm confident this is not the way they were intended to be seen.

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