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Christmas movie


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I was wondering if anybody could help me to find a movie that I used to watch on tv every christmas. The movie was about seven princes of different nationalities who get separated from their princesses, and who go on a journey to find them. I'm pretty sure that there was an evil witch who had placed a curse on the princesses. It was a fantasy movie with real actors (not animated). Unfortunately this is all I remember about it, but it aired on tv every christmas during the 80's. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me info on this movie... it has senitmental value.




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It sounds a lot like Bert I Gordon's The Magic Sword (1962).


For details:




If this is the right movie, you can find it on DVD from several public domain labels (Sinister Cinema, Alpha Video, and others). The MGM/UA DVD is more expensive but is likely to be a better print. Sinister, at least, should also have it in VHS.


TCM has run this a couple of times. I may still have an off-air dub of a 1997 run, if I knew where it was! The movie seems to be public domain, hence availability from multiple sources.

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Try Deep Discount DVD, which has a website, if that's the medium you're looking for. They have both the Alpha (public domain but usually decent quality) for about $6, and the MGM/UA (letterboxed, if that's important, and probably the best print you'll find, since it comes from the UA film library and not from 16mm) for about $9. Vanilla shipping at DD is free and it takes about 2 weeks to get it. The "faster" shipping rates have never increased the speed of getting a movie from there, in my experience, but other people's mileage may vary. I just try to order early and take the free shipping. (Disclaimer: My only connection with DD is that I buy movies from them.)


Sinister Cinema, which also has a website, had this on VHS and probably still does, but the price is higher -- about $19 with shipping.


I've also seen this on DVD at the local Suncoast Video from time to time -- the Alpha edition, about the same price as at Deep Discount.

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