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50s-70s romance movies?


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any romance comedy classic movies between 50s to late 70s .. I mean the groovy era of technicolor movies of 60s and 70s, please don't write musicals.

for me:(not ordered)
the long long trailer (1953)
Pillow Talk (1959)
splendor in the grass (1961)
Breakfast at Tiffany's(1961)

All in a Nights Work (1961)
Sunday in New York (1963)

Move Over, Darling (1963)

Man's Favorite Sport? (1964)

Modesty Blaise (1966)
Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
A Guide for the Married Man (1967)

Fathom (1967)

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)
Lovers and Other Strangers(1970)




what is your list?



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Good list!! I might add..


That touch of Mink

Annie Hall

Goodbye Columbus

The Sterile Cuckoo

Where the Boys Are

Desk Set

Barefoot in the Park


Great titles, Barefoot in the Park is a great movie and I like these films that have a small setting, I mean that all the events nearly happen in one or few places.


That Touch of Mink is on my watch list.


Desk Set, the trailer seems boring to me, but I may watch it because it looks so classic with the vintage items and decoration and electronics used in it.


Where The Boys Are, I need to get the DVD from Warner Archive, I like these kind of films like the beach party films in the 60s with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello.


Thanks for the list, I will check the other titles.

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Desk Set is a great movie.  If anything, this film is worth seeing just to see a 1950s computer system in action.  It's an interesting time capsule in the technological advances in the late 50s.  Katharine Hepburn and Joan Blondell's computer system is essentially a very early precursor to the search engines on the Internet.  


Touch of Mink is interesting for the same reason that Desk Set is interesting.  It features a very early computer system.  


My favorite 50s-70s romantic movies:



Roman Holiday

Splendor in the Grass


The Thomas Crown Affair

What a Way to Go! 




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Desk Set is a great movie.  If anything, this film is worth seeing just to see a 1950s computer system in action.  

We recently talked about early computer technology in movies in the ClassiCategories thread. DESK SET was one of the titles discussed...what slightly annoys me about this film is that once again we have Gig Young in the thankless runner-up role. Poor guy never gets the leading lady. This would continue into the 60s, especially in all those Doris Day movies where he is third-billed and second fiddle to the picture's 'real' leading man.

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