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? about the pardoned turkey (not movie related but don't know where I'd ask


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Today I saw footage of George Bush pardoning the turkies Marshmellow and Yam? Anywho-he pardoned them and the newscaster told where they would live the rest of their natural life(where is not important). However, it is important that two turkies have a home and thousands of humans do not. This got me to thinking. Now I've watched the pardoning of the turkey for years now and yes its very cute pardoning the turkey ha, ha. Then I thought do we(me and you) as tax payers pay for the upkeep of this turkey for the rest of its natural life? Does the farm that receives the turkey or turkies receive a check to "feed" these animals? -until they die? How would one find out? Then I've always thought since the Prez is most likely going to eat a turkey anyway why not that one why be a hypocrite? Oh and I just thought of another thing do we pay for the transport of these turkies to be pardoned and the subsequently driving out to the new place he calls home? I wouldn't be surprised if we are a paying for upkeep of all the turkies. I am outraged but not surprised if the taxpayers are being fleeced this way. Does anybody know-I'd really be interested to find out. Imagine if you could receive a stipend to keep the "national turkey"

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