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Laurel and Hardy film


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Looking for a Laurel and Hardy film which I believe was called Great Guns. It was about two butlers, Laurel and Hardy, who join the army to protect and serve the son of their wealthy employer. I've looked everywhere for this and even Turner does not seem to have it. Does anyone know of or have a copy?

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It also may come out on a line of DVDs that usually have a feature length film along with a couple of short films. Not all L & H fans are happy with this line of DVDs from Hallmark but sometimes it's all you can get.


A film they did a few years earlier with sort of a war theme was Block Heads. Stan has been defending a trench for twenty years before being discovered. Hardy hears the story and invites his old friend to live with him. Usual mayhem ensues. It is more of Stan's post war reacclamation to civilian life. Probably their last really good feature film.

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GREAT GUNS (1941) is one of five features that Laurel & Hardy made at 20th-Century Fox in the 1940s.


Fox released it on VHS in the mid-1980s, but it's never been on DVD. Rumor has it that Fox will soon market their L&H films (GREAT GUNS, THE BIG NOISE, A HAUNTING WE WILL GO, THE BULLFIGHTERS, THE DANCING MASTERS, JITTERBUGS) for the European market, but nothing is yet planned for Region 1.


The Fox Movie Channel does not show these L&H films. And other than JITTERBUGS, the studio has not leased its L&H library to other cable movie outlets.


btw - GREAT GUNS is Alan Ladd's first film.

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A pleasant surprise/update...


The following was posted yesterday on the alt.comedy.laurel-hardy internet newsgroup


From: John A.

Date: Tues, Nov 29 2005 6:28 pm

Subject: L&H Fox Films on DVD


Since it has been a topic of discussion here and I haven't seen any other posts about it, I thought I'd mention that Fox Home Video is working on DVDs of GREAT GUNS, THE BIG NOISE and JITTERBUGS. They will come complete with commentary tracks.


There are also plans to release the other three titles at a later date.



btw - Correcting my earlier post, L&H made six features for Fox, not five: six titles were listed.

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