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Creighton Chaney, known as Lon Jr was the star of The Wolfman. He starred or was featured in many movies over a career that lasted about 40 years. His most-praised role was as Lenny in Of Mice and Men (1939), but he was largely associated with horror movies during his career, and increasingly, as time went on, with very low-budget films. It's no secret that he had serious problems with alcohol, which contributed to the marginalization of his acting work.


Lon Chaney Sr + in 1930. Most of his films (the total was in the hundreds, dating back to one and two-reel silents) were silent, and a majority are lost today, but many do survive. He was a contract star both at Universal and, in the last several years of his career, MGM. His most famous role was in Phantom of the Opera (1925). My favorite film of his is Tell It To the Marines (1928), which involved no makeup effects and allowed him to create a character who is still seen in every war movie that comes down the line.


For filmographies, try


http://www.imdb.com and do a "Name" search on "Lon Chaney."

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