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Pls. help i.d. this movie for me.


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The movie I am looking for is one from the late 60's or early to mid- 70's, it's either a possessed child or antichrist type movie. It may have been Italian and dubbed into English, but what I remember is that the dubbing seemed off-timing, like a Bruce Lee movie.


What I remember from the plot is either a boy (around 2-3 yrs. old maybe) was either possessed or the antichrist (but I *think* he was possessed). There were parents, and some guy who helped them cure the kid.


The only scene I remember I think is the ending: the family is on a ferry or cruiseship maybe, they think the child is cured, but we find out they are wrong because the kid throws a car off the boat, causing the car of some other guy in the movie to drive off a cliff.


Anyone who has a clue about this, much appreciated.

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"Beyond The Door" was an Italian horror film originally titled "Chi Sei?". "Beyond The Door 2" was a retitled version of Mario Bava's last film, "Shock", which starred Daria Nicolodi (Dario Argento's former wife and collaborator) and the same boy who was in "Chi Sei?", though the kid's presence, as two entirely different characters, is the only common link between the two films, so releasing it over here as "Beyond The Door 2" was just a ploy to capitalize on the modest success of "Beyond The Door".

"Shock" has been remastered and released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment in a gorgeous print. Any Bava fan should pick it up, it's worth your time, and Nicolodi proves she doesn't need Argento to give a great performance. Neither one has an ending like the film you describe, though.

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