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TCM please keep up monthly "Guest Programmers!" & if you had 4 flix???

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This is to tcmwebmaster & even if Mr. 0sborne himself looks in.


Please keep up these terrific: "Monthly Guest Programmers" that you've had last few months


Hugh Hefner-(1926-) was 1 quite awhile back & his Hero is: *Bogie & he picked 5 flix, as opposed to the 4 the current group was allowed to air

I remember-(due to files of course, again) Hefner had *"Casablanca"/ "M. Falcon"/ "To Have & Have Not" (1945)/ "Big Sleep" ('46) & "King Kong" ('33 version) as his favorites!


But, they started the monthly jazz with Buck Henry-(1930-) & he had 4 of his own>"Duck Soup"/ "The Bank Dick"/ "Asphalt Jungle" & "Touch of Evil"

& columnist-(nowhere in same powerhouse league as legendary likes of a: Hedda Hopper-(1890-1966) or W.R. Hearst's own: Louella Parsons-(1881-1972)

But, Liz Smith did have a bit of credibility-(not really a critic though)

& she admitted *Ginger "Ms. RKO" Rogers was & still is her Idol!-(among her 4 pix to be aired>"Kitty Foyle" & "Barkley's of Broadway")


& they have since still been doing this marvelous idea


I know Peter Bogdanovich-(1939-) is already a member of the TCM team.

However, a few suggestions for future "GP's"


Martin Scorsese-(1942-)/ Leonard Maltin-(1950-)

& even a fellow TCM-ITE we all know & has even been to visit theheadquarters in Atlanta

Mr. Burdell-(path40) It would be terrific if he came back, this time for this reason!

After all, his own site, is pretty-much a 2nd to TCM itself


& if you had just 4 flix-(I know, it's just a lil "Dream")

What would you pick to be aired


Mr. 0sborne-(for those that remember? He was on these forums in early 01, as joy

& cited his own top 10 to 15 even favourite motion pictures

& actor, actresses & left out director-(though I have a feeling it may be *William Wyler?)


His own 4 were-(from about a dozen he posted):

"The Razor's Edge" ('46 version & Fox)-(another they never air?)


"Red River"

& "A Place in the Sun" & though he may not be a personal Hero. He picks *"The King: Clark Gable"-(1901-60) as all-time fav. actor-(something I know Mongo agrees on!) & the "OSCARLESS>Barbara Stanwyck-(1907-90) was his A #1 actress

But, what would yours be & any "GP Suggestions?"


I'll throw my hand-in

"An offer I cannot refuse"

"Captains Courageous" (1937) (MGM)-(had to include 1 picture of my own Hero of course)


*"Godfather, I & II"


& vote fora grand-lady of whom is not able to at present:

"Captains Courageous"-(chronilogically listed) HOLLY, hope you see this

"Angels With Dirty Faces"

"Roaring 20's"

& "Yankee Doodle Dandy"-(her own Hero is someone she was lucky enough to meet: *James Cagney-(1899-1986) & as far as actresses, I think she loves to watch *Bette Davis-(1908-89) above all.


Thanx to all & happy holidays

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I too am a big fan of Captain's Courages. I think it is probably the best family drama in the history of the art form. However my like is founded more on Freddie's part then Spencer's.

My four would be


The Mudlark 1950

Pather Pancheli 1956

Goodbye Mr Chips 1939

What Have I Done to Deserve This? 1984

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WOW! I thought more would be interested in this somewhat "Semi-Fantasy?"

& even if not, please, please, at least sign up here to keep this 4 star concept going! I forgot to address (tcmprogrammer)

Given that is your handle & all, what 4 would you be narrowed down to & have you any info if the network is keeping this baby going? PLEASE RESPOND


I can give a couple true film buffs own pix-(if they were to ever be invited, that is?)


Mr. Leonard Maltin-(1950-) of ET & www.moviecrazy.com

He even used to write me back in mid 1980's & with ET stationary

But, he sent top ten & we are narrowed down to 4-(P.S. 1 certain thing about Leonard His Hero is *Sir Charles (Spencer) Chaplin-(1889-1977)

& movies:

*"CASABLANCA"-(as he says in the book I've been getting since 1987 or so. It's the greatest Hollywood Movie Ever Produced & I finally got to see thee airport-(though from a distance) Now the Glendale, Burbank Airport-(practically behind Warner Bros.)

"The Maltese Falcon"-(not the Ricardo Cortez version)

"Citizen Kane" & "Singin' In the Rain"-(the latter is the newest on his top ten)


As for Scorsese-(this genius of filmmaking begs for being a "GP" Not literally of course) His mentor was: John Cassavettes & Michael Powell another

"The Searchers"-(he even snuck it into "Mean Streets")/ "Duel in the Sun"/ "The Red Shoes" & "The Heiress"


To XBergmanX-(are u an *Ingrid, or Ingmar Bergman fan?) & you got me chum?


I've seen what will likely always be a conroversial Oscar victory, in *Robert Donat's marvelous performance in "Mr. Chips"-(due to him keeping *"GWTW," from a top 5 sweep that yr. Most wanted & given, 1939 was very 1st yr of "The Envelope"

Most probably expected the then newly crowned-(literally, at an M-G-M party)

"King of Hollywood: Clark Gable" to win a 2nd Oscar as Rhett Butler.

However, *Donat richly deserved that "Golden Boy!"


But, I've rarely-(& I even review new flix) have heard of your 1984 vote? I'll look it up directly & thanks


By the way, on "C. Courageous" *Tracy & lil Freddie got along ok & all, but there was always a feeling of competition between the two on that picture. & it didn't help matters, when pals of *Spence would say the kid is walking away with the film either & *J. Crawford, caught a glimpse of him, on the now almost gone M-G-M lot & said, loud enough for him to hear-it of course "0h My God, It's Harpo Marx!"

He loathed make-up & location shoots even more. Going to "Jekyll & Hyde" set in a blacked-out limo.



I know buddy Mongo's favs & don't think he'd mind if I threw his out there-(if he were a guest programmer?)

"The Grapes of Wrath"-(I'm fairly certain, that is his all-timer)

(P.S. Joe, if you see this, please fill in the blanks!?)


& wanted to cast a vote for a guy of whom cannot-(ridiculously) get this station in his area, not yet anyway & he owns a vintage cinematic website of collectibles

Mr. Cliff Aliperti of www.thingsandotherstuff-(& I mean back to the early 1910's/ 1920's collctibles & that era. & upward from there)

His own favorite pix are:

"Sullivan's Travels"/ "M. Falcon"/ "Kane" & "*It Happened 0ne Night"

& he also eminds me why we need a "NEW POLL OFOUR OWN ON HERE!!!"-(again to tcmprogrammer & webmaster!) Many, many, folks love such underrated classics stars as: Stanwyck, Myrna Loy,etc & Mr. Aliperti, just is 1 example. His fav. actor(s) being: *Gable & Wiliam Powell-(many on here write of W. Powell & Loy & I think it's time-(given AFI's 9th & rather silly, annual special coming next yr.)

The folks at tcm, have such a survey-(nothing huge, just top ten films, actors, actresses & so-on. Especially directors included. Something AFI, seems to keep dodging?)



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Can we pick ANY 4 we like, or do our choices have to be in the TCM library? I've always wondered if the guest programmer's choice would be a BIT different if he could choose ANY films he wanted instead of being limited to films in the TCM vaults. Whatcha think?

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To Mrs. 0'Hara-(or Scarlett) Nope! This was hopefully a question & more-over

an imperative "REQUEST"-(I see, after a few days, neither our tcmprogrammer & or tcmeditor have bothered to chime-in??? Please let us true fans know if this will be a reg. monthly deal?)


Plus, many heavyweights are not in TCM's massive & superb library-(NOTE:I know a gal Elizabeth of www.reelclassics.com & she brought this fact out long ago-(rarely, do we have early Fox flix aired as an example?)


A genuine superb silent that TCM finally got it's hands on 1928 "Passion of Joan of Arc" (French) with what must rank among all-time works by an actress in Maria Falconetti's. It's now been aired a couple of times


& early Fox pix that *"The Great: Tracy," made-(he hated it at the Studio, but once in awhile there was a strong picture/script>"A Man's Castle"/ "Power& the Glory" (both from 1933 & the latter even featured Shirley Temple!)


Mostly WB's/ RKO & of course "The Mt. Summit of all Dream Factories>Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" easily dominate TCM

They air 20th Century Fox-(think it got that handle in 1935)


As I cited before, you can almost throw a rock & hit either Studio in Culver City, they are so close.


You bring up another terrific question Scarlett


By the way, what four would you air?


(P.S. Someone posted a fairly similar topic on here. If you were TCM Programmer & had complete control, what would you air?)


Thank You & please chime on in?

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Oh George, that would be so interesting! I love Dietrich and her daughter sounds interesting too. Her bio on her mom was great, though I think she still has some issues...it would be fascinating to see which of her mom's films she thought were best and why.


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I think it would be very cool for TCM to have a "regular Joe" guest programmer every now and again. People like you and I, who love old films...and would probably do as well (or better!) at picking four great films. And, it would reap them a ton of good will and have tremendous promotional value...


For me? There are too man to choose from, but here are four at random....


The Thin Man


The Divorcee

Double Indemnity



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Thanks for asking Spencer. Like most of us here, I have so many 'favorites' that I'm glad that I don't have to pick just four for real. hehe For fun, though, I'm gonna pick 4 that I haven't seen in a long time - likely most of them aren't in the TCM library but I've just picked them cuz I'd love to see them all again:


Of Mice and Men (1939 version)

Witness for the Prosecution

Letter to Three Wives

Lost Horizon


I know TCM has many, many wonderful movies but I'm trying to pick ones that haven't been picked before. Casablanca (as cliche as it sounds) really IS my very favorite movie of ever - and it was featured earlier this year. I definitely would have picked The Third Man - I've been waiting patiently all year for it to finally show - and loved it! So many wonderful movies have been shown that TCM does have in the vaults that I certainly don't want it to look like I don't appreciate what they do show! White Heat, for instance, is very essential. :) JMHO!

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What a great question! It would be so hard to pick 4, but here goes:


Mr. Skeffington


12 Angry Men

The Women


As to the Fox movies, I think the reason TCM doesn't show a lot of Fox films is because of the Fox Movie channel. They show the classic Fox films, like Grapes of Wrath, etc.

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