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Help,,OLD phantom of the opera


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I know there are many, But there is one in particular.( it is a talkie version )Early in this movie, you see the man throwing the music into the fire ( oven ) THE MASK is a full face mask with just one eye cut out. You have to go thru water to get to the cave where Phantom lives, with his sidekick.During one part he pounds his chest and says to Christine, It must be from the heart, and at one point slaps her face. At the end as christine sings, you see a tear from the one eye in the mask.Is anyone else familiar with this version,I would LOVE to find it.HELP !!!

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Hi Johno -


You may be thinking of the 1943 version of the movie, with Claude Rains as the Phantom. It also starred Nelson Eddy and Susanna Foster. I haven't seen the film for many years, so I'm not familiar with what you described, but this is the only other classic film version that is out there. On IMDB, it says that this version is on DVD, so you should check it out to see if this is the version that you're thinking of.

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Nibiru & UrantiaI researched your info and that is the one I was looking for, i found that version bundled in a DVD from Amazon.com. I CANNOT THANK YOU FOLKS ENOUGH. BEEN LLOKING FOR THIS VERSION FOR 20+ YEARS. BLESS YOUR HEARTS.



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