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My Pet Claudette


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This is my favorite movie genre and I really love all the great ladies of romantic comedy - Lombard, Loy, Stanwyck, Hepburn, Dunne, Arthur, Russell, Rogers, Harlow, West - but my very favorite is Claudette Colbert. I just love her in everything but especially comedies. I think she is the greatest romantic comedienne of them all.

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An excellent list of ladies. I agree with you about Claudette Colbert. She was so classy and very funny. My favorite is "Palm Beach Story". Though it's not a comedy (which I'm sure you know) I also enjoyed her in "Three Came Home."


I saw her in a stage play in Baltimore back in the 80s. She was starring with Rex Harrison in "The Kingfisher". Don't remember much about the play but I remember watching her pretty much the whole time. It was a real treat to see her in person.

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Claudette was sooooo good in all of her films! In romantic comedy, I think she really out-did herself in "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable. When Gable was trying to thumb a ride with no luck, and she had success on her first try--with a little leg--was a real hoot!

For a real tear-jerker, watch "Since You Went Away". One of the most emotionally draining pictures I have ever seen. And her "Cleopatra" was the Best! (Of course, the costumes she wore were stunners!) She was quite an under-rated actress, in my opinion.

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