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Lady Olivier


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Alright, it's time to play True Confessions here on the always delightful

TCM website...I'm just over the moon about Darjeeling, India's favorite daughter, the radiant and haunting Vivien Leigh. Sure, her Scarlett O'Hara is beyond sublime but wouldn't it just be apple butter on toast to see some of Viv's other, less frequently screened epics? For example, her 1955 vehicle, "The Deep Blue Sea" (based on a play by Terence Rattigan) virtually vanished after its initial release and has yet to debut on any video format (at least that I'm aware of). "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" was reportedly Tennessee Williams' personal favorite of all the screen adaptations of his work and Warren Beatty's insolent gigolo is a campy delight. Then there are such pre-"GWTW" curios as "Storm In a Teacup," "St. Martin's Lane" and "21 Days Together."


On a Related Note: Wouldn't it be neato if between films TCM provided us with glimpses of successful (and not so successful) screen tests? Vivien's (Cukor-directed) Scarlett test, Paul Newman's attempt for "East of Eden," Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday" audition...?

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That would be really cool Waldo. I'd love to see some of those tests!


I adore Vivien (obviously) and would love to see more of her films. One of my favorite movies is Wuthering Heights with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. I think they are both wonderful in it - and I do like Oberon. But Robert Osbourne has said that Olivier wanted Vivien in the role of Cathy - and I so wish he's have gotten his way. IMO that would have been even better!!! Just my opinion!

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