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I am by no means a religious zealot but I have always loved the great Bible pictures (Ten Commandments, King of Kings, Ben Hur, The Bible, Solomon & Sheba, Samson & Delilah, etc.) This evening I saw a news report on how Hollywood is courting Christian audiences and it made me curious as to just how much interest there is among real film lovers in pictures based on biblical source material. My personal feeling is that there are some extraordinary Bible stories , especially from thge Old Testament, that could be brought to the screen today given technological advances and social mores, that have never been attempted. Imagine if you will: Liam Neelson as Herod The Great... a facinating character study of the duality of man... Johnny Depp as Joseph... Angelina Jolie as Queen Jezabel... Halle Berry as Bathsheba...

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I too am a big fan of the biblical pictures, and not just the Christian ones either. It seems to me that I should call them spiritual epics. With all of your fore-mentioned films as well as Gandhi, Kundun, The Gospel According to St Matthew, The Work and the Glory, Winter Light and The Last Temptation of Christ, a certain spiritual aura is embodied in each of them. Weather it's based on sentiment and tradition like the classics, like De Mille, or if its founded on shock value and new idea's like many spiritual films of our time are. There is an undeniable soul piercing quality that is contained by all. A quality that doesn't exist in quite the same way, out side of the spiritual film genre. I like the silent biblical epics. The King of Kings in particular. The magic of that film has never failed to entertain and even more so, inspire me. I have my own thread on The King of Kings in the silent forum. There are a few guys that new more about that film then I ever did. Its been great fun learning from them.

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