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I'm very excited about the upcoming TCM broadcasts of classic animation films from Japan's Studio Ghibli. I'm just wondering: HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT? TCM is the last place I would expect to show these films. I would think that Cartoon Network or Disney (which released the DVDs) would show them on their stations.


Also, any chance TCM will be showing "Grave of the Fireflies", another great film by Studio Ghibli??

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i am also very surprised to see miyazaki on TCM. but, not too surprised. he's one the best filmmakers alive. do you know how he came up with the name "Ghibli" for his studio?


GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES should've been included, i agree. it's one of the best antiwar films made.


one of my all time fave's from miyazaki ( i own a box set) is KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE.

i have a severe fear of heights and flying, but love, nonetheless, soaring along with kiki on her broom.

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I remember on one of Disney DVD's special features, the origin of the name "Ghibli" was explained: it was a nickname the Italians gave to their WWII airplanes. Interesting, Miyazaki did make a film, "Porco Rosso", about an Italian WWII fighter pilot!


"Kiki" is a great film also. In fact, nearly all of Miyazaki's films involve flying of some sort. The exception would be "Princess Mononoke", which I think is his best film.


I'm glad TCM chose "Only Yesterday" over "Kiki" and "Grave" because there is still no Region 1 DVD for "Only Yesterday". And this is VERY good film also. So set your VCR or DVR!!


Btw, TCM is showing both the English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions of some the films. Their schedule doesn't indicate the versions being shown, so here it is:



Thursday, January 5

8:00pm: Spirited Away (2002 - English-language version)

10:15pm: Princess Mononoke (1997 - English-language version)

1:00am: Spirited Away (2002 - Japanese-language version)

3:15am: Princess Mononoke (1997 - Japanese-language version)


Thursday, January 12

8:00pm: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984 - English-language version)

10:00pm: Castle in the Sky (1986 - English-language version)

12:15am: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984 - Japanese-language


2:15am: Castle in the Sky (1986 - Japanese-language version)


Thursday, January 19

8:00pm: My Neighbor Totoro (1988 - English-language version)

9:30pm: Porco Rosso (1992 - English-language version)

11:15pm: Whisper of the Heart (1995 - English-language version)

1:15am: My Neighbor Totoro (1988 - Japanese-language version)

2:45am: Porco Rosso (1992 - Japanese-language version)

4:30am: Whisper of the Heart (1995 - Japanese-language version)


Thursday, January 26

8:00pm: Only Yesterday (1991 - Japanese-language version only)

10:15pm: Pom Poko (1994 - English-language version)

12:30am: Only Yesterday (1991 - Japanese-language version)

2:45am: Pom Poko (1994 - Japanese-language version)

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i, too, have the 2 disk set of "spirited away" with the wonderful look into miyazaki's studio. didn't you love how he made spaghetti for everyone? what a panic!


if i'm not watching the films with kids, i always go for the japanese versions. i'm one of those purists who want to hear the language, even if the subtitles don't capture the nuances.


the boxed set i have, straight from studio ghibli, has miyazaki's rarities, as well as MONONOKE and NAUSICAA. what i really love about the non-magical tales is that you get a trip into a japanese city or countryside.


i think his best film is TOTORO. i bought the film years ago for a children's collection i was in charge of. it was one of the most popular, with parents raving over how much they enjoyed it. i had never heard of miyazaki, didn't watch "cartoons", and dismissed their enthusiasm. it's only when i was 'forced" to watch SPIRITED AWAY that i saw the light.

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I also try to watch them with the original Japanese audio, especially for my first viewing. To be fair, some of the English dubs for these films are fairly good. I think the English dub for "Spirited Away" is nicely written and performed. Alison Lohman also does a pretty good job in "Nausicaa", as does Kirsten Dunst in "Kiki's Delivery Service".


OTOH, Claire Dane's dub is only so-so in "Princess Mononoke". And Anna Paquin's, I would say, is pretty bad for "Castle in the Sky".


"My Neighbor Totoro" got a new dub recently, performed by Dakota and Elle Fanning, which is different from the dub on the old Fox DVD. I have a bad feeling about this, since I don't particularly like Dakota Fanning's voice.


Brittany Snow does the dubbing for "Whisper of the Heart". She should be fine, I think.


Speaking of the DVD box set, I hate to be ****, but a lot of people unknowingly bought the bootleg DVD box set from Hong Kong. The only legitimate box sets are these: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/video/ghibli/ippai.html .

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tom, as per my post, i was totally skeptical about watching a feature length cartoon. i sat thru too many disney movies with my kids. and i hate disney-fied anything. watch SPIRITED AWAY first. if you're not astounded by the craft of the animation (at the very least), you're not a cinephile.

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<< In all honesty, I do know nothing about them. I'll give it a try though. >>


People who hate something without having even seen or knowing anything about it. How typical.


"Nausicaa" would be a good introduction to the genre, and, made in 1984, it's one of the earliest works by Studio Ghibli, and also one of its best.

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i didn't see NAUSICAA until i had watched SPIRITED AWAY and TOTORO. before SA, i was totally ignorant of anime. i didn't even know what the word meant. i'm not sure i would've liked NAUSICAA as much if i hadn't seen SA first. the latter is like the distillation of all miyazaki's work -- a blend of realism, fantasy, and myth. it's a good idea that TCM is showing it first.

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<< Up yours TCMviewer...........I hate murder and I've never tried that. You are typical. >>


Are you three years old? That's a typical ****'s way to justify hating something. Example:


**** #1: I hate foreigners.

**** #2: Why? You've never seen one.

**** #1: I've never seen a murder and I know I hate it, right?

**** #2: Supposed you're right.




shows that you are as dumb as they come and as argumentative as well.


We ALL KNOW what murder is. Not everyone knows about Japanese animation or has seen it. See the difference now?


People who DON'T KNOW things should **** and just LISTEN to those who DO KNOW things before opening their mouths and make themselves look foolish like you did.

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Once again "up yours" TCMViewer........


If you were intelligent enough to read my original post correctly, you would have noticed I never used the word hate (you did) and you just might have perceived that what I was getting at is maybe Turner Classic Movies is not the place to show films from the 80's and 90's but we don't even have to get into that whole area because it's been covered in detail before.


I admitted I had never seen Japanese Animation but I would give it a shot.


Any person who so loosely throws around the word "****" is probably not the brightest person.


Now get back to your Howard Stern re-runs and have a great life.



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Let me sum up what you're doing here in terms that a person of your intelligence level can understand. You came in here not knowing zilch about the subject being discussed and made a juvenile, **** comment about Japanese animation being like a root canal. Then you justifed hating it with another **** comment about "Oh, I hate murder, so it's okay to hate Japanese animation." And now you're trying to weazel out of this by saying "oh, no, no, no I didn't say hate, you did." Yeah, you're real bright and coherent and argumentative as well.


TCM shows films from the 80s and 90s all the time, also foreign movies on a regular basis. You probably don't even watch TCM and are just trolling this forum to fill up your sad, empty life.

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TCMviewer, thanks for the info about the Japanese animation films and also for listing the schedule.

The films sound interesting and I'm anticipating viewing a few of them, dubbed in English of course.

I recall that TCM had a Bollywood festival of films from India of which I found some interesting.


And Ariel, did you really mean what you said about 'hating' anything Disney-fied?

Does that mean you don't like any of the Disney movie classics?



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The channel name is "Turner Classic Movies" not "Turner Classic AMERICAN Movies" so I think it's delightful that we're getting a shot at seeing something that most of the rest of the world considers classic. I thought the Bollywood films were fun to watch since India has the largest film industry in the world. Did I like them all? Of course not, but it was a new learning experience. Likewise the Japanese animation will be worth watching. Would I want these kinds of films all the time? No, but every once in a while will be a treat.


It always amazes me that the same people complain that TCM shows many films over and over, but as soon as the try something new and different they complain about that too before they even watch it.


Open up your minds guys and give it a try. You might just be surprised.

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I am not a big fan of anime but I have seen almost every Myazaki film and find his films are fascinating, beautiful and full of imagination. All of which most American animation is now sadly lacking. This is a rare treat for us moviephiles to be able to even see these films on TCM and I hope that TCM will consider doing things like this again in the future. What's even more amazing is that they are giving us all the films in both English overdub and then the same night in Japanese with English subtitles. In most circumstances I prefer the original language without subs but I can understand why some people may not and it;s very nice of TCM to be providing both formats. Kudos to TCMProgammer!



If you like to discuss classic films then why not join the Golden Age of Hollywood Message Board? Click here:


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Anime has an important place in not just world animation, but cinema itself. "Japanimation" has as many important works in the past quarter-century as America animation. Akira gave birth to the Japanese "cyber punk" scene in the 1980s and '90s. I feel that if TCM showed Akira or a similar anime (Iria, Ghost in the Shell), TCM's conservative viewers used to Golden and Platinum Age works would be upset and I can see why.

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I was so delighted to see Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" and "Princess Mononoke" on television in the original Japanese. I love both of these beautiful films so very much and I'm so glad that TCM aired them. I'm hoping that more of Miyazaki's work will make it's way to the small screen and that people will come to appreciate how much the original language adds to the film's enjoyment. In any case, I don't know if they're listening, but a million times, thank you TCM!

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