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Schedule Change? Question from new viewer


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Hello. New subscriber from Canada.


The TCM Website tells me Spellbound (1945) is supposed to be broadcast 12:00 to 2:00 pm today - Sunday the 4th.


However, I am receiving The Hucksters (1947) instead right now at that time.


Is anyone else having this 'problem'?


Does this happen very often?


I'm wondering if the normal broadcasting was substituted in Canada due to some licensing problem.


Thank you for any help.

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If you're from Canada, your "master schedule" is the monthly schedule. The December schedule for Canada does indicate that "The Hucksters" is showing. The daily schedule on the right hand side of the screen is for the USA only (although most days they will be identical).

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Thank you for the response.


You mentioned the December schedule from Canada... where do you find this?


I can only find a Canadian November schedule here on the TCM website - in articles concerning the TCM launch in Canada in November.

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Here's a BIG welcome to a new movie fan from our neighbor to the North. While most of the time TCM keeps to its schedule, you can expect that once in a while they will make a change after the schedule comes out. If, for instance a major star or director passes on TCM will drop a whole day's schedule to run a day-long tribute to that person. It's not done on the same day and they will give advance notice on the website. Also, now and then they'll substitute another title, but that can be for any number of reasons including technical. Despite what some folks on this forum think, TCM doesn't do it just to **** off their viewers.


If you print the monthly schedule for planning purposes, I suggest that if you're going to record something that's important to you, take a look at the schedule on the website the day before to see if there has been any changes. As you'll find out, most films that get bumped will get aired at a later date.


Regardless of an occasional change, if you love old movies, you'll love TCM. Be sure to check out the films that run at odd hours. You'll be surprised at what gems will turn at at 3 or 4 in the morning. Enjoy.

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