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Need title & year of B&W Movie about Nazi Occupation and a Lady Who kil


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On Saturday afternoon, Nov 19th, at somewhere between 3 and 6 PM EST, TCM broadcast a Black and White movie about a man who immigrated to (I think) Czechoslovakia (or similar Nazi occupied country) and he befriends a local young lady who has killed an officer in the Nazi Army or SS. The actors are very much focusing on the attitudes and behaviors (actions...) of the Nazis as they enter the hotels or home so fpeople searching for the killer (that they know is a lady). The film was maybe broadcast on Tuesday, Nov 22nd between 12 -3 PM EST; but we think it was on Sat Nov 19th. This movie was in english, appeared to be produced in a studio (not on streets of a real town), and most of the Nazis (and their local friends) wore very dark suits or black uniforms of the SS. That's all we remember that we saw in the short period it was on the screen we had been viewing (not at our home). Thanks for all replies and details that woul dhelp us locate the movie.

It appears that TCM website does not let us go backwards and review previous scheduling of their movies.

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I don't see anything on the 19 Nov schedule of this description, but Sabotage Agent (1943), with Robert Donat, was run on Tues, 22 Nov, 2-4PM. It's about a British agent who goes into WW2 Czechoslovakia during the Nazi occupation and was made in the UK. I missed it, due to failure to turn the page of the schedule, and it's been so long since I last saw it that I don't remember the details of the plot, but this is probably the one you're looking for.


There are a couple of other films set in WW2 Czechoslovakia that TCM runs from time to time, but both are concerned with local resistance fighters and the assassination of the Nazi commander Heydrich -- Hitler's Madman and Hangmen Also Die.

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I think that it was the 22nd you're remembering, and Sabotage Agent is probably the title, though Saboteur played right before that one. The whole day was full of WWI and WWII espionage movies:


22 Tuesday



6:00 AM Mata Hari (1931) Romantic biography of World War I's notorious lady spy. Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Lionel Barrymore. D: George Fitzmaurice. BW 89m. CC


7:30 AM Stamboul Quest (1934) A notorious enemy spy falls for an American medical student during World War I. Myrna Loy, George Brent, Lionel Atwill. D: Sam Wood. BW 86m. CC


9:00 AM Espionage Agent (1939) American spies try to steal Nazi secrets from a moving train. Joel McCrea, Brenda Marshall, George Bancroft. D: Lloyd Bacon. BW 83m. CC


10:30 AM Above Suspicion (1943) A honeymooning couple are asked to spy on the Nazis in pre-war Europe. Fred MacMurray, Joan Crawford, Conrad Veidt. D: Richard Thorpe. BW 91m. CC DVS


12:00 PM Saboteur (1942) A young man accused of sabotage goes on the lam to prove his innocence. Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane, Norman Lloyd. D: Alfred Hitchcock. BW 109m. CC


2:00 PM Sabotage Agent (1943) An undercover agent battles Nazis to save an aviation plant. Robert Donat, Anthony Eustrel, Valerie Hobson. D: Harold S. Bucquet. BW 111m.

4:00 PM Notorious (1946) A U.S. agent recruits a German expatriate to infiltrate a Nazi spy ring in Brazil. Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains. D: Alfred Hitchcock. BW 101m. CC


4:00 PM Watch On The Rhine (1943) Nazi agents pursue a German freedom-fighter and his family to Washington. Bette Davis, Paul Lukas, Lucile Watson. D: Herman Shumlin. BW 112m. CC


On the 19th you may have seen Hitchcock's first version of The Man Who Knew Too Much (the black and white one).


If I were you I'd now go hunt the title down at http://IMDB.com. Free if you're careful not to register for the extra stuff (for agents and actors, I guess).


You should subscribe over the computer to the monthly schedule and save it so you won't go crazy -- how I had this info...


So, hopefully, you'll figure out which title it was and ask TCM to remind you the next time it plays -- and let us know too?

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