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I have been suggesting several George Arliss movies for several years that never seem to get screened so I decided to check the library movie database to see if they were in the library. When I tpyed in the titles, it came up "no matches". Just to make sure that things were working, I typed in the names of some films that I KNOW are in the library (like Rebecca) that came back the same way. Please advise.



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Not sure what happened when you searched. I just typed in George Arliss's name, since I've seen a few of his on TCM myself, and the following films were returned (none of which are on the schedule though March 3, 2006):


Disraeli / 1929

The Working Man / 1933

Voltaire / 1933


The Man Who Played God / 1932

Alexander Hamilton / 1931

A Successful Calamity / 1932

The Green Goddess / 1930

Old English / 1930

The Millionaire / 1931

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Thanks Path40a! After getting your post, I did the same thing and got the same results, HOWEVER, I then searched for Abel Gance both as actor and director and it came up no matches. Now I saw Gance's NAPOLEON (1927) on TCM a few years ago and I just saw Abel Gance in Mr. Skeffington last week and it still came up no matches. Is my access cursed or what?

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Well, every film shown on TCM is not in their library; some are shown once or twice as part of a temporary licensing arrangement between TCM and the owning entity. As far as searching with a particular actor's name, I think the actor has to be one of the film's leads to have success finding them in their database that way. Perhaps all this will change when TCM launches their new movie database, reportedly scheduled for after the first of the year?

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Guest rsteiner0609

Hello - it's true that the current 'Library' search on the site is only reflective of the 'TCM library.' This means films within Time Warner library - the classic MGM catalog, RKO films, and films from Warner Bros. pre 1950.


We will be launching a new film database that will have all of these titles (and about 115,000 more!) by the end of this year. The current 'Library Search' will be removed. We're sorry for the confusion. Thank you.


TCM web

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George Arliss' 1934 The House Of Rothschild (1934) is playing December 28th on the Fox Movie Channel. Thank God I get FMC!! :)


It has never been put on video or DVD. Great cast including Robert Young, Loretta Young, Boris Karloff, C. Aubrey Smith, Reginald Owen, Alan Mowbray, and Holmes Herbert.


My DVD recorder will be going that day! ;)




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