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RE: Song Help


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Hello...as an avid fan of TCM, I happened to catch a TCM-edited trailer/special which lasted for a minute and a half, and flashed scenes of films with everyone from Garland to Astaire shots and the theme was Christmas/holiday scenes and they used a song by ? (name of artist would be great) and the words that flashed at the end of the trailer were "Make It Home"...anyone know the answer?




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Hello Michelle,

I too am intriqued by this song and hoping to discover its origin, I came to TCM's message board and saw your post. With no other information available on it at that time I did a little searching and had success with a little help from Google and Top50Lyrics.com.


The artist is Juliana Hatfield and the title is Make It Home.


Deepening night, think on a time

All was bright,

Here in this dark place, I see your face

All is not right


Make it, make your way home

Better than the last

Break it, break the alone

Take a second chance


Open a window, let in the snow

Cold is all I know

Go to the fire, stir it around

There's a warmer place for you to go


So, make it, make your way home

Better than you have

Break it, break the alone

Leave it in the past


Oh, look and you'll find it

Someone wants to love you

Look and you'll find it

Someone wants to love you


Wake it wake yoyr dream

One forgotten me

Sleepin' deep inside o' you

Heavenly peace


Michelle, I also discovered that this song can be found on the soundtrack from the 1994 television series "My So-Called Life."


Also the albums:

Women of Christmas: In The Garden Of Lilith

Ultimate Power Of A Diva's Christmas

O Come All Ye Faithfu l- Rock For Choice

You Sleigh Me - Alternative Christmas Hits


There you have it. Happy Holidays,


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Dear John,


Thank you for your quick find and kind assistance. I am a Hatfield fan, and was disappointed in myself for not recognizing the track from a once owned soundtrack. I will have to seek out the cd again.


Thanks again...it's nice to know that there are people out there like me :)



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Thank you John!


I actually registered with this site just so I could ask the question as well...the song is absolutely beautiful and memorizes me every time I see it on TCM.



Long time viewer of TCM and avid silents and pre code fan; I can't wait to join in on some other discussions!

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