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Need help with a caper film title!!!


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This is the same thread I posted in Info Please, but I thought I would post it here as well to see if I could get a response, here it is:

Hey guys:

I saw a movie a couple years back. It was a euro-ish crime drama/ comedy about a group of people on a heist to either get a jewel or diamond. Anyway, it wasn't in a bank, but in a house, or apartment. I think the guys robbing it were like ex- circus performers or something of that nature. One particular scene I remember was the thieves jumping rooftop to rooftop using a high wire rope, then when they got into the apartment, they were cracking the door to the vault room. It was set in Paris or England. Shot very well! Lavish sets and actors. It couldn't have been a recent caper, it had a 60's or very early 70's feel to it. I know it wasn't the obvious, such as the Pink Panthers of The Hot Rock.. Any ideas anyone?

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This sounds like exactly the right movie... however the one I remember was in color, and after looking this one up on IMDB.com, it said it is in B&W. Do you know of another similair movie?

It was a jewell caper film, one in which rooftops and a breakin to a safe and/ or safe room of an upstairs victorian or euro home.. At least I think! ahaha I was about 15 when I saw this movie on TCM

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