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British Films on TCM


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The following is a list of British films I would like to see on TCM.

God knows I wont see then anywhere else.


Green For Danger

Belles of St. Trinians

A Taste of Honey

Perfect Strangers


The Family Way

A Matter Of Life And Death

The Taming Of the Shrew (1967 British ?) Elizabrth Taylor never looked sexier !!!!


Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)

Ice Cold In Alex

Carry On films (some of the earlier ones, not the horrible later ones).


Thats all for now. Will post some more when I think of them.


Merry Christmas

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Perfect Strangers is being shown (as Vacation from Marriage) this Sunday (December 11) early in the morning. Check the schedule in your area to be sure on the time (e.g. don't get Sat/Sun mixed up;-) I'd recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it!


TCM showed A Matter of Life of Death (as Stairway to Heaven) as part of their 100th birthday salute to Michael Powell in September. I've seen several of the others you've listed by subscribing to Netflix and renting the DVD.


Good luck!

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Well, the problem seems to stem from the fact that a lot of "foreign" films are released under different names in the United States, and vice versa I suppose. The reasons range from simple translation (which is ticklish between the U.S. and Britain;-), one country's film heritage (e.g. there was already a film released under that name), etc.. Most of the confusion I've had have been with British movies, such as the ones you've listed and several of Alfred Hitchcock's films.


While Leonard Maltin's guide sometimes lists both titles, the most reliable source I've found is imdb.com. As I scour TCM's schedule every month, I frequently run across a film not listed in Maltin's guide. However, sometimes, after a check of imdb.com which lists other titles for the same film, I'll find it in Maltin's guide under the other name. But, the fact that some films have alternate titles has caused me (too) to miss some films that have aired which I would like to have seen:-(


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Thanks again


I checked out the IMDB site and found that...........

'Ice Cold In Alex' was blandly retitled as 'Desert Attack' for USA release.


'Mandy' was retitled 'Crash of Silence' or 'The Story of Mandy' for USA release.


You can view the trailer for 'Vacation From Marriage' on this site.

Robert Donat telling Deborah Kerr she looks like a 'Blond Gollywog' has stayed with me since I last saw this movie 30-odd years ago.



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>>Perfect Strangers is being shown (as Vacation from Marriage) this Sunday (December 11) early in the morning.


Caught it! Gosh, did Deborah look frowsy in it. lol!


Why do they always put the choicest rare goodies, like early talkies and precodes and silents, in what I call "the graveyard shift" from 12 midnight to 6am??? It's very frustrating. I mean, putting a silent-early talkie masterpiece like Noah's Ark (1929) on at 4am in the morning is virtually a crime! This movie deserves an 8pm time slot so it can find new audiences! (It's a good one to schedule at Christmastime too because of its biblical analogies).




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