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New TCM Channel?


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I am new to the forum, so forgive me if this has already been discussed, but has anyone else seen this article?


Turner Classic Movies to launch spin-off channel

29 November 2005

TCM2 will go live in Q3 next year


By Graham Hayday


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is to expand its offering next year with

the introduction of a spin-off channel, TCM2.


It will go live in the third quarter of 2006 and is designed to

complement the main channel by concentrating on core library movies

such as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, The Philadelphia Story and

White Heat. It will broadcast between 7pm and 3am.


TCM2 will also screen originally produced content including

interviews with British and American actors.


TCM hopes the new channel will allow it to explore further

sponsorship opportunities for its themed seasons and offer the main

channel's advertisers a greater variety of options, as well as

attracting new brands to both channels.


TCM UK - part of the Time Warner Company - is the first of the TCM

channels outside the US to launch a complementary broadcast outlet

in addition to the main channel.


Alan Musa, TCM VP and channel manager, said: "By launching TCM2, we

hope to be able to concentrate on showing the classic library

content to ensure that there is plenty of choice for our viewers. In

an increasingly fragmented marketplace viewers are looking for the

best content available and TCM is regarded as a trusted brand.


"It is essential that we are able to broadcast a wide and diverse

offering and having a second channel will allow us to do this as

well as introducing new viewers to the value of golden greats."



I certainly hope this doesn't mean our original TCM, that we know and trust to provide us with the best classic films, will scale back on the classics and show modern films. It took my cable provider years to offer the original TCM, so the chances of them carrying this new version are close to zero. I'm very concerned now, because TCM is about the only channel I watch, but if they start showing modern films, I will not be watching them any longer.

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Cue the music from The Killers.


"complement". I like that. Suddenly complement is a synonym for greed.


"concentrate"! I missed Musa's concentrate. Another good one. Synonym for we'll be spinning off to TCM2, 3, 4 and 5 so we can charge you more and more and more for what we used to give you all in one package. Then they can feed into the new cable by the numbers the papers are talking about. Want TCM as it used to be? You have to buy numbers 2 through 6 from the menu.


Well, I have to hand it to tcmprogrammer. He did tell us the truth. There won't be commercials on TCM The Mothership. There just won't be a TCM The Mothership as we know it.


Count on it, folks. It's being run up the flagpole in the UK to see how it flies (corporate speak). It'll be here before you can say 'what happened to my Silent Sundays?'.


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Here are some of the films that show on TCM UK that you will never see here:

Our Mother's House

Fearful of life in an orphanage, seven children bury their mother's body in the garden when she dies after an illness. D: Jack Clayton (1967)


Travels With My Aunt

Maggie Smith gives a terrific performance as the flamboyant aunt who gives her up-tight nephew the adventure of a lifetime aboard the Orient Express. D: George Cukor (1972)


Young Cassidy

A richly atmospheric film biography of Irish literary great and revolutionary rebel Sean O'Casey, set in Dublin in 1910. Julie Christie and Maggie Smith star. D: John Ford (1965)


The Journey

Amid the turbulent events of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, romance blossoms for would-be escapees Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in this heady love story. D: Anatole Litvak (1959)


Buddy Buddy

Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon team up for this comic tale of a cynical mob hit man who forms an odd alliance with his suicidal neighbour. D: Billy Wilder (1981)


Brotherly Love

Hilarious study of British upper-class eccentricities with Peter O'Toole and Susannah York as two parts of a peculiar country-house menage-a-trois. D: J. Lee Thompson (1969)


The Man Who Laughs

Lisa Gastoni and Edmund Purdom star as the notorious Borgias, the decadent Italian rulers who turned politics and poisoning into a lethal art form. D: Sergio Corbucci (1966)


Demon Seed

Julie Christie is the wife of a brilliant scientist who finds herself forcibly impregnated by a computer that has developed evil ideas of its own. D: Donald Cammell (1977)



Christopher Walken stars in this sci-fi chiller. Co-star Natalie Wood died tragically during the film's production. D: Douglas Trumbull (1983)


Savage Messiah

Intense and erotic depiction of the love affair between the wild young French sculptor Gaudier-Brzeska and a Polish woman 20 years his senior. D: Ken Russell (1972)


36 Hours

Ingenious World War II thriller with James Garner as a US intelligence officer duped by the Nazis into betraying vital D-Day secrets. D: George Seaton (1964)


Eye of the Devil

Occult thriller starring Deborah Kerr and David Niven as the wealthy owners of a French vineyard who become obsessed with pagan sacrifice. D: J. Lee Thompson (1967)


Kill or Cure

British comedians Terry-Thomas and Eric Sykes head the cast of this spoof comedy involving murder and other dastardly deeds at a health farm. D: George **** (1962)


Where the Spies Are

David Niven stars in this comic spy yarn as the country GP recruited for a vital Middle East mission. D: Val Guest (1965)


Ask Any Girl

Screwball comedy, with Shirley MacLaine as the young woman who puts the motivational techniques she learns at work into practice to snag a husband. D: Charles Walters (1959)


Made in Paris

Ann-Margret stars as a nubile young American sent to attend the Paris fashion shows, where she experiences a series of amorous encounters. D: Boris Sagal (1966)


The Walking Stick

Samantha Eggar stars as a crippled antiques dealer so smitten by the charms of an artist (David Hemmings) that she agrees to participate with him in a robbery. D: Eric Till (1970)


Joe: The Busy Body

A frenetic French farce with Louis De Funes as a TV writer who shoots a blackmailer (or so he thinks) and hides the body in his garden. D: Jean Girault (1972)


The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

Some of the best-loved fairy-tales of all time are brought to the screen in this delightful and colourful film, starring Laurence Harvey. D: Henry Levin (1962)


Alfred the Great

David Hemmings stars in this historical swashbuckler about the 9th-century English king who famously burned the cakes and defeated the invading Danes. D: Clive Donner (1969)



A master criminal arrives in Egypt to plot the daring theft of Tutankhamen's treasure from the Cairo Museum. George Sanders stars. D: Wolf Rilla (1963)


The Journey

Amid the turbulent events of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, romance blossoms for would-be escapees Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in this heady love story. D: Anatole Litvak (1959)


Haunted Honeymoon

Matrimonial bliss for amateur sleuths Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane is interrupted when murder enters the picture. Crime mystery from Dorothy L. Sayers. D: Arthur Woods (1940)

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Travels with My Aunt, Young Cassidy, The Journey, Buddy Buddy, Brotherly Love, Brainstorm, 36 Hours, Eye of the Devil, Where the Spies Are, Made in Paris, The Walking Stick, Alfred the Great, Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, and Haunted Honeymoon have all played on the US TCM channel.


Not often, admittedly in most cases, and some of those I haven't noticed on the sked since abt 1997, but there's a hell of a lot of stuff that doesn't play very often. I could personally take a loooong moratorium on Bette Davis from the 40s, and Crawford, Garland, and Bogart from anytime.

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I hope they do some of these again. I'd love to see "Travels" (because I know Katharine Hepburn tried to get a movie deal for it and couldn't and I'd like to see what they did put together) and "Haunted Honeymoon" (mostly because I like the book series of mysteries).

Do ya suppose they'll play again before too long?

And God in Heaven, I hop you're wrong Stoneyburke. It would be terrible to have TCM watered down or mucked up with commercials!


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I hope I'm wrong too, tracey65k. Oh, from the description, it doesn't sound like there will be commercials, that's just it.


What they are doing in the UK is what HBO has done and what A&E has done. There's HBO numbers 1, 2, 3 ad nauseum. A&E has taken all their British biscuits and moved them to the Biography channel, for which via my gracious cable company you have to pay extra.


So, they can always say, well we don't have commercials, but they will parcel out the niche movies to other stations. For example, TCM 2 will have all black and white all the time, TCM3 will have 24X7 of Silents, et cetera, et cetera.


Hopefully, this is a long way down the road, after we've taped all we want from them.

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All of the films listed aired on TCM UK within the past two weeks and only Demon Seed is available on DVD. Brainstorm was scheduled to air a few months back but was replaced with Logins Run, therefore it was a no show. Hopefully many of these British films will either show up on TCM USA or be released on DVD.

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Could it be that the folks in England want to see more classic movies with English stars (instead of American) and that is one of the reasons the line-up is different over there than here?


Just a thought,

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No, every Davis, Crawford and Bogart movie that plays here is on there too. I think that it may have more to do with TCM UK having the release rights to these movies and TCM USA can't get them, even though they are in some library. But if someone else owns these films here than they should show up somewhere, even on a pay channel, but they don't. I keep hoping they will come out on DVD so that I can get them from Netflex.

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