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Will TCM ever go HD?


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With the ever increasing popularity of HDTV I was wondering if TCM has plans to go HD? I currently have Dish Network just to get a "decent" picture on my 50 inch plasma TV but I would really like to move to HD if only my favorite channels would start broadcasting in HD. I really don't understand why all the networks are dragging their feet on this. Japan is so far ahead of the US in technology it isn't even funny.



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2 minutes ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

'HD'. I've often heard this acronym. What is it? I hope you don't mind me asking such a simplistic question.

It's the initials of a poet whose name was Hilda Doolittle. She used the name H.D. for most of her career.


Regarding TCM, I have a channel which is called TCM/HD, as well as TCM/SD. But the experts tell me it's not really HD. But I think it is -- it certainly is more HD than the TCM/SD channel.

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9 minutes ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

I just hope I dont have to buy any kind of adapter or get charged an extra monthly service fee to view the TCM website

It's nothing to do with the website. Here's the Wikipedia entry about HDTV:


My cable provider (RCN) provides TCM is SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition). Channel 143 is TCM/SD; Channel 592 is TCM/HD. Similarly, CBS is either Channel 02 (SD) or Channel 602 (HD).

If you want to get HD Television, you may need a compatible television and cable box, and your cable company may charge you more as well.

(P.S. Your question is not simplistic. I'm probably not explaining it very well.)


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As  I understand it, TCM does transmit in real HD, but not all the movies shown are available in HD digital transfers so those are "upconverted" to a quality almost that of HD. It's much like a Blu-Ray player does when someone is playing a standard definition DVD on it. It looks a heck of a lot better  than it did, but not quite up to HD.

Of course, it does depend on your cable system as to whether or not they offer the HD signal. Then too some people do have an HD tv, but don't have it hooked up with the proper cables or  even to an HD  cable box.


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