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Where's Larry?


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Hey guys,


I was reading the posts today and someone, I think it was stoneyburke, mentioned vecchiolarry and I realized that he had not posted here in what seems like at least a month.


Where's Larry??? I miss his star recollections and his insights.

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Hello Lynn,


Well, thank you for wondering and asking about me. I am touched......


To answer your question:

I have been in Ottawa for 3 weeks, helping on a government committee on senior citizens and their needs, health, finances, security, home care - especially veterans concerns.

I am very interested in this as I will be one soon -- a grumpy, crotchety old man!!!!!


I stopped viewing this board when they switched to small size type, as I can't see it, and just arrived home yesterday. So, I decided to have a peek and was pleasantly surprised to see large print returned.

I am just now going over old threads, so I may just jump in and respond to a few.


Hope you are still having mild and warm weather in California and are well.


Take care, my dear.



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Hi Larry, welcome back. You're welcome on the nomination (for BM's job) -- if not you alone, I think you and Mongo could do an admirable job.


What! Ottawa is interested in its senior citizens? It would be nice if Westchester were, but by and large, the sole interest in this county is money.


For sure, it won't be home forever to a future grumpy, crotchety old woman, namely me. I hope the Florida cable companies carry TCM. :)

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Hi Dolores, Lynn & Richard,


Thanks for the kind greetings..... Muchly appreciated!



I don't know if Ottawa is really interested in its senior citizens but it is going through the motions of appearing to be interested.

Like the US, Canada is only money oriented too. But with the population aging and baby boomers vocalizing their wants and needs, both countries will have to focus on seniors now....

We are starting to have clout....... Yippee!!!



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