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Marion Davies


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I would really like to see a DVD collection of Marion Davies films. The only thing that is available is the TCM documentary "Captured on Film: The True Story of Marion Davies" which also includes a very excellent silent, "Quality Street."


I bought a used VHS copy of "SHOW PEOPLE" and was surprised that it was put out by Turner......which seems to indicate that there are many films that would make a fine collection of the Best of Marion Davies.


Her legacy deserves to be fully restored. She was a brilliant and very talented actress and comedienne whose reputation was severely damaged by Orson Welles' masterpiece "Citizen Kane". People associated the Susan Alexander character as Marion...a drunk and no talent......So not true. "Citizen Kane" is shown all the time....but very rarely is a film of Marion's shown...and as I said almost nothing is available, either on DVD or even VHS. I think it is a shame to let Marion slide into virtual oblivion and deny viewers the chance to enjoy this most delightful actress.

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TCM has played a lot of Marion's films, but it is true that nothing seems to be available much for the DVD market. I know she has many fans, but I don't know if they consider her fanbase big enough for something like a boxed set. That would be very cool!


Maybe TCM will do another retrospective on her career one day. I think there is a movie of hers called "It's A Wise Child" that can't be shown anywhere because of a stupid court case from many years ago.

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Well, I certainly think TCM has it in it's power to enlarge Marion's fan base, don't you think? Perhaps everytime they show "Citizen Kane" they should show a Marion Davies film.


As the TCM documentary says "justice must be done" as regards the real Marion Davies and her film legacy....vs. her character in "Citizen Kane" Susan Alexander...the stupid, drunken no-talent gold-digger....Marion was none of those things...


At the very least TCM could show her films more often. I missed "Show People" last year on April Fool's Day....while other movies are played to death....why are they so stingey?

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TCM regularly shows Marion Davies' talkies, what's lacking are more showings of her silents. The Patsy has been shown several times, more often now than Show People. However I love her talkies too, even the ones which are a little dull (i.e. Hearts Divided). Just watching any film with her in it is a pleasure.


I'd love to see TCM clear up the copyright problems over It's A Wise Child (1931). Someone wrote one review of it on the IMDb and made it sound like her best comedy, and he saw it years ago in an archive screening at UCLA for three or four people. Big whoop! What about the rest of us? No fair, I say. We want more Marion! :)




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