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Martin Scorsese; Auteur Signature


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I'm in the midst of my A level film studies auteur project, and I'd like some opinions from people who are familiar with his work.


The films I have chosen to study are Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino, and Gangs of New York.


My hypothesis suggests that the bigger the scale of his film (Gangs... for example, and The Aviator.) the less dominant his auteur signatures appear.


If you're not familiar with the auteur theory, basically it is all the styles and techniques he is known for using (eg. his famous long tracking shots, his contrasting music in a scene) that distinguish his directing from others.


I would really appreciate any opinions and insights you have to offer.


Thank you.

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Good pick for your subject ,Bickle.

Scorsese usually begins his films with segments taken from the middle or the end of the story e.g.:Mean Streets,Goodfellas and Casino.

His blond leading ladies are usually seen through the protagonist as angelic and ethereal,they always wear white in their first scene and are photographed in slow-motion.As the film progresses these ladies usually prove to be anything BUT angelic.

Uses extensive white light in scenes.

Source of music is visible on screen

Scorese wanted to be a priest,but thank God he decided films instead..


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Thank you for the reply. I was a bit worried to be honest, I'd read previous auteur projects and the response from the web is normally rendered useless as people just set out to slag off the director they're researching.

Those are definately concepts I'm exploring that you mentioned. I was familiar with his work before I started the project, so I had a head start in what to look at.

But, the important question is, does "Gangs of New York" or "The Aviator" have the same style? Do they demonstrate any of the signatures in his work that you mentioned? Apparently on the set of "Gangs.." it was common to see Scorsese arguing with someone from Miramax. I set my hypothesis on the assumption that the big corporations supporting his films have actually suffocated his style that we see in "Goodfellas" or "Casino".

If you saw "Gangs of New York" with an idea in mind of what to expect from a Scorsese film, but you had no idea who directed it, would you think it was a Scorsese picture?

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I took a cinema class in college last year and we studied Martin Scorsese's films, great class and loved his work, except for one of his movie which most of the class found boring and different from his other work, I wont name the movie unless someone wants to know. It's too bad he has not won an award yet for any of his work yet, he is over due to win one.

I take it you like "Taxi Driver" a lot.


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