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Anyone Seen the New King Kong?


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I dislike remakes, but I happened to enjoy this one. The movie had a lot of focus on the emotional bonds between Kong an Ann Darrow. There action was intense and there was so much to be seen on the island. I loathe big-budget flicks of today, but King Kong is a nice exception. A much better picture than the musical adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. (Lon Chaney's 1920s classic the finest you'll find from that.)

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I just saw the new "King Kong" this evening and enjoyed it very much.

The special effects were indeed most realistic and Kong himself was a marvel of technology. The attraction of beauty and the beast was at times very touching, to say the least.

The setting was fantastic taking place in Depression Era New York, ideal in keeping with the original 1933 movie.

The Jack Black character of Carl Denham could have been stronger, although Naomi Watts was perfect as Ann Darrow.

At 3 hours long the first part of the movie lagged a bit however once on Skull Island (the natives were scary in this one) it was action all the way and once back to New York it was filmmaking at its best. The recreation of the big city was amazing.

I'm glad I went to see it for myself.



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I want to see it, because I liked the original and I though Jackson and company did a fantastic job on Lord of the Rings, but I heard it's very violent and scarey and I'm sort of hesitent (sp) to take my 11-year-old, even though she wants to see it. Those who have seen it--what do you think? Too intense for a kid that age?




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First of all, I wouldn't compare the ALW musical version of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (2004) to the 1925 Lon Chaney original, because it didn't set out to be a horror film at all, but a MUSICAL version of the story. Comparisons to the Lon Chaney film are simply unfair and unreasonable. It's a musical!


Secondly, I did see KING KONG because I just saw the old RKO version ('33) and I'm still fond of it. But the big screen remake is extremely well done except that it could have been trimmed by at least 45 minutes--especially the Scull Island scenes involving various insects, bugs and prehistoric creatures, which goes on for too great a length. Enough is enough.


But the Empire State Building finale is a smashing sucess with gorgeous cinematography although I have to admit to feeling a bit queasy after awhile. Therre were so many spinning and whirling camera movements once Kong gets to the top of the tower that I felt myself in a state of vertigo, digging my arms into my armrest as though I would fall forward if I didn't. But extremely well done.


Yes, too intense in some scenes for very young kids--but on the other hand, what do I know about kids today? They seem to be able to handle very dark material (Harry Potter included) with very little distress, so I guess the standards have changed for kids who are no longer frightened by what I assume most of us were frightened by years ago.


All in all, a good show, but--as I said, a bit overproduced and overlong.



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