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From a "Golden Age Fan" Re-make of "Kong" is FANTASTIC!


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(*-denotes AMPAS) Most know I usually don't post reviews of new releases

on here. That is unless they are a re-make, relate to this particular fan base & so-on. & I know the 1933 classic that has become the thing of legend>"King Kong"-(justifiably so too!) has such a following, it's almost in the same realm as a "Wizard of 0z" or *"GWTW"

But, this massive-(an understatement) $207 million budgeted re-make & pet project by *Peter *"LOR" Jackson, is simply amazing movie-making & movie-magic!

& the best part is, he honors the '33 RKO Radio version at the same time-(check the credits & even the texture of the screen!?)

& also, keeping it during the great depression, is yet another homage to his inspirational movie since childhood.


It's a long one, at 3 hours & 7min, but the true test is, it stays with you-(it did for me anyway, very rare thesedays)

Most of it's time is spent on Skull Island & at just about every turn, there is another stunner.

What also makes it different-(not meaning better) just different & also tremendous, in it's own regard Is, the relationship between the girl-(Naomi Watts) & "Kong"

This big guy is a "Hero" & by no means the villian!


1 debit, is casting of Jack Black as Carl Denhem-(I've written of this already) This role called for the soon to win the Oscar for his role as "Capote" Philip Seymour Hoffman!

However, with all that occurs, it s a small detail on the whole


1 imperative item I keep telling folks to try-(that is if they go to the theatre & no--matter how great your home system is. It still will never equal a 25 ft screen & ask for the headphones. I rarely do-so & it depends on this film. This fills the bill Grand score by: James Newton Howard as well


Most reading this have already seen the clips I suspect-(tv does not do this type of motion picture justice, 1st time you check it out though)

& I am not a huge-fan of CGI & *Jackson's *"LOR-trilogy," either. I thought they were terrific stuff. But, I personally think this has more heart


(SIDEBAR: The 1976 version, I thought was unfairly picked-on. By no-means a good film though. Mediocre at best (**) It literally had, at various times> *Rick Baker walking around a s. stage in a "Monkey Suit?" The highlight of that Dino DeLaurentiis epic, was seeing a very sexy 27 yr old *Jessica Lange!-(who woulda' known she was such an actress?) It was a big hit though GO-FIGURE?


Absolute Academy Gold for it's visuals, Sound & Sound Effects-(though, it's unfortunately unlikely to be a BP contender?)

Along with "Cinderella Man"

My personal favorite flix so-far for 05. No matter what Oscar does come January 31st-(P.S. I will be posting my 24th annual predix of the nominees later & to my ol' buddy Mongo. I keep asking for them.-(you said you were kinda' keeping track i'm curious pal)


Anyway, "King Kong"-is truly "Movie-Magic!"

& I rarely give highest rating, but a big ****-stars!


Thank You

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To sabrina, thanx for replying Frankly I expected many more to as well & especially on this epic re-make-(which I am not usually happy about either)

of the '33 heavyweight!


Strangely, it's not taking in a bucket load of dough though? Just hitting about $180 milion domestically


I ave 2 theories on this. "Chronicles of Narnia,' is getting a bit of it's business & what studios depend on-(repeat viewings) is not as much as obviously anticipated This reviewer though will likely go back-(something I rarely do with new flix. Only Michelle Pfeiffer & or Meg Ryan movies & I know, many may laugh at that, but dat is me FOLKS-(SIDEBAR: Can you believe that Queen Latifah, got a "Star" on "Walk-of-Fame,' yesterday & those 2 actresses have as yet to get 1?)


I also have gone back to my fav. motion picture of that yr a few times-(*"Platoon" 1986 3 times)/ "GoodFellas" (1990) & yes, *Titanic" (also 3 times!)

However, this mammoth epic-(an understaement) is another-(after keeping up to all the Oscar releases. Which, I think I've mostly already done. Except what is obviously destined to win Best Picture this year>"Brokeback Mountain" & *Woody Allen's strangely british thriller "Match Point"-(both have as yet to get wide releases)

Unfortunately, Hollywood/AMPAS has apparently already felt it gave *Peter Jackson enough, with his *Lord of the Rings-trilogy" & all the Pre-Academy awards are mostly ignoring "Kong?"-(Politics, per usual)


If a work deserves it, it should win. No matter how many times.


This epic will absolutely garner sev. nominations come January 31st. Mostly all techincal though


Andy Serkis, in my view, should be given a special "Golden Boy," for his work as "King Kong"


I've not as yet read or met a person that did not think this was great stuff though.


Thanks again

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Am I the only one reeling from all those swirling camera movements at the top of the Empire State Building?


Talk about vertigo. I needed dramamine pills to get through KING KONG.


Not that I didn't love it! Especially the first hour with such realistic glimpses of New York as it must have looked in the early '30s. What detail! Amazing.


My only complaint was that at least 45 minutes could have been cut from the repeated scenes of prehistoric creatures fighting over and over again. Got a bit repetitious after awhile.


But I'm sure the film is going to do fine at the box-office, faults and all. And then another triumph on DVD. It makes the old RKO film look primitive by comparison.



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Spencer, as I posted in another forum, I thought "King King" was a super exciting movie and the special effects were outstanding.

A bit long perhaps, but I enjoyed the settings of the 1930s along the way in New York, before getting to Skull Island.

I must say that the inhabitants of the island were very scary, like witchcraft.

Of course I couldn't wait for the the star of the movie, Mr. Kong himself, and he was majestic, very realistic. His eyes told the story of his love for Ann Darrow.

On the island is action galore with the many prehistoric beasts roaming around and causing grief.

Once back in New York comes some of my favorite scenes especially when Kong is displayed for viewing, wrecks havoc, and eventually ends up atop the Empire State Building.

Just spectacular.

By all means see the movie on the BIG screen.




P.S. There are some humorous moments especially on the ice in Central Park.

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