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New Look to Schedule for TCMProgrammer


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> As for time zones beyond Eastern, we will add these

> in later, but it will likely be after the year.


It seems to me that you are ignoring the fact that this is a very serious issue. I have no idea why this isn't an immediate priority. Perhaps since the TCM web team lives in the Eastern time zone they have no idea how inconvenient it is for the rest of the country to be marginalized and dismissed.


This attitude is extremely insulting and shows a level of insensitivity one usually finds in the very arrogant or very young.

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I have to add my own utter disbelief that I can't print out a schedule with Central Time Zone times. Come on, guys, the change to the format of the schedule is horrific and unforgivable enough, you can at least make up for it slightly by realizing there's more than one time zone (or two, in the case of Now Playing, which I do already subscribe to, thank you very much).

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Guest rsteiner0609

Hello -


We have not deleted the time zone ability - we will try and get this back into the schedule at the beginning of January and we are sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Given the other issues we are working through, we had hoped anyone outside of an Eastern Time Zone would help us by temporarily accounting for their time zone by adding/subtracting hours. We will work to get this updated and post here when the schedule is updated.


We hope everyone had a great holiday. Thank you.


TCM web

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What I miss in the new format was the advance search. In that by clicking on a certain genre you were able to obtain information past the third month IE: in the middle of January you would have individual showing of films on the schedule in April. The way it is now to get the April schedule you would have to wait until Feb 1.


Hopefully you will put this feature back in.


Other than that, I like the new format, and I have almost figured out the codes



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Just wanted to say how disappointed I am with the new monthly schedule format. It seems to be much harder to find and use, and I see now that it takes 49 pages of paper to print it out. For the last few years I have made a habit of printing the monthly schedule; using the smallest text size it required about 16 pages. I watch TCM much more than any other network, almost every night, and generally have it on in the morning before I go to work. I love to record movies that are on during the night and while I am gone. Having the monthly schedule available made that very simple, now it will be much more inconvenient.

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It never ceases to amaze me how webmasters (and I use the term loosely) love to CHANGE websites. Not make them better, just CHANGE them. WHERE IS THE DVS INFORMATION IN THE NEW SCHEDULES? I used to be able to find out when TCM was going to show a DVS movie by looking ahead in the schedule. C'mon guys, like the man said "IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!!!!"

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Just wanted to add my two cents...

I think the old search format was infinitely more user-friendly and less cumbersome. As far as I can tell, I can no longer search the schedule by genre or release year, as I could before. And to search by star or director you have to go through at least 2 or 3 extra steps/pages and wade through lots of other info you didn't particularly want.

I really hope the TCM folks take all our comments into account and return some of the old search functions very soon.

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To search by genre, you click on Site (to the left of the Search window), type in the name of the genre (musical, horror, drama, or whatever), and hit GO. The results are under Schedule Matches.


Same thing with release year. Click on Site, type in the year, hit GO, and the results are under Schedule Matches.


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The old web site was almost like a science! Very efficient and informative. This is a mess . I fret to come and check it.[/b][/b]



The old way of searching the archives was SUPERB


one could search the whole database, or the titles or the actors or the directors


Now it gives a very primitive answer to the search


For example:


Cartoon Alley does not even come on but all persons with ALLEY in their name do


Before we could see all the cartoon alleys in your Library and decide what we missed




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KathyFowler wrote (in part):


> I haven't subscribed to the e-mail program guide in

> the past. Why should I have to open e-mail software

> and locate an old e-mail to see the schedule instead

> of going to a single schedule page to find useful

> information? Besides that, TCM occasionally modifies

> the schedule when a Hollywood figure dies; an

> out-of-date e-mailed schedule is useless then.


And why should I have to logon and open a webpage when I want to

see the schedule when I can simply open a copy/pasted or saved email on my desktop?


You mean the online webpage is going to be updated when someone

dies and the schedule changes? You're dreaming...they only

tell you the day before or the same day it will change. That really

has nothing to do with the email schedule complaint. I should be able to

save it (in a nice format) to my desktop, to open at my convenience

even when not on the web...that is when the schedule goes before my

TiVo's 9-day preview.

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After being fairly critical of the new format, I have to say the TCM Tech Team has listened to many suggestions from TCM viewers and tcm.com members. I congratulate them.



I would like to offer two suggestions:


1) Add the name of the film to "Subject" in the "Remind" email feature which recipients can view in their inbox without opening the message. Currently, "TCMReminder" appears in the subject line.


2) Make available another month's schedule following "Month After" in the schedule option. Even if users cannot send reminders three months in advance, at least they can save and view what great films lie just over the horizon.



Thank you, TCM Tech Team, for your attention.

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The old format also gave automatically , while looking at the daily schedule the actors, the director, the length etc. Then at one step one could make a decision to be reminded or not. Now we have to go through an extra step, then look at the information and then get back to the site where we can use the remind me feature,




Can't you please go back the way it was????

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TCM Web -

Another piece of input for ya . . .

A Site search on the new database for The Great Ziegfeld indicates that it is also running on 26 January at 1000hrs; however, the online schedule and NowPlaying guide does not support this.


For the most part, like the new look very much.

Good work and thanks.

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> You mean the online webpage is going to be updated when someone

> dies and the schedule changes? You're dreaming...they only

> tell you the day before or the same day it will change.


That's my point. Rather than dealing with a possibly out-of-date, definitely multi-page, e-mailed schedule, I sign on every day and look at that day's up-to-date schedule. (This takes about 5 seconds.) At present, what I get on that schedule is a list of movies titles and times: no synposis, no director, no cast list. If I want any of that information, I have to go to additional pages to find the info. My question is why did they remove all that info from the (formerly) perfectly fine schedule page? Who thought that giving users less information in one place was a good idea?


I'm all for the idea of users of the e-mail schedule getting a schedule that is useful to them. My question is: Why can't users of the on-line daily schedule get a schedule that is useful to them? The old schedule format was useful; the new one is much less so.


P.S. I think the graphic on the daily schedule page is supposed to represent a train station...but does anyone else think it looks like a prison yard? I think it's the grid on the windows on the right side that does it to me...

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I'm on 56k dial-up and on one phone line so 5-seconds is rather optimistic plus when I'm on I block my phone (I'm on-call for work), thus a saved email was great.

No more...


BTW, the graphic looks like a Grand Central Station for the dead. They (TCM) should fire their webmaster and hire someone with a brighter sense of design as well as actually knowing how to set-up a website so that it is useful. Oh, to go back to December 1st when the site and emailed schedule was bearable...if it ain't broke don't fix it. They've taken a proven product, the site, and moved all the pistons, cylinders, spark plugs, and engine all around, so starting the engine is futile...and the steering wheel is now in the trunk...so good luck driving.

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I registered just so I could share my pain. Just wondering why we have not heard from tcmprogrammer in several days. Last word was that all this should be fixed after the new year. Please give us out here the courtesy of an update. What is going on? Have you made any progress?


TCM is also my favorite. However, without my handy-dandy, time zone accurate, printed

out schedule, I have missed lots in the last week. Maybe it doesn't make a difference to

you, maybe you could care less. From what I have been reading, there are many of us out here.


I can't tell you how many people I have told that TCM is my favorite channel, the reason I get cable. Are you listening in there???


One of many frustrated viewers, this one is from California.

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I would also like to lodge a complaint about the smallness of the type to the numbered calendar that marches horizontally across the home schedule page. Obviously it's been sized by a twenty-something year old with 20/20 vision...rather than targeted for the viewing audience.


There is also lots of useless graphic grid and icon space...including the genre icons as well as the grand central station (or is it a prison or is it a tomb for old movies?) header. All this indulgence rather than design with the info that's important to viewers. The site is now counter-intuitive rather than something that flows naturally.


It's nice to go young...but it is a crime when you go young and miss your target audience altogether.

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Guest rsteiner0609

Hello all -


We are working on some schedule page changes still. The time zone capability will be added in the near term. We were unnable to include this capability immediately due to technical reasons - there was no malicious intent (as some have infered). We are working to get this back in, but we please ask for patience. We will, based upon requests, also add in the film descriptions to the current day view as was on the previous site. For every complaint listed here on the lack of film descriptions, we also received equal complaints that our previous schedule was too long and difficult to read. If you go to the current schedule and simply hold your mouse arrow over a film title, the description will appear. But given the feedback, we will add these back in.


We are also working on reformatting the month printable schedule to be more printer-friendly. We would like to add that we investigated dozend of other network schedules and found that TCM offers more flexibility, information, and features (especially its printable schedule) over other sites. Our goal is to be one of the best - so we will work to get several of these features back in.


Thanks again for the feedback and patience.



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