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Suggest an upcoming movie that we haven't heard of!


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Today I saw "Bachelor Mother" for the first time in years -- on TCM (now, finally, in Canada!). Nobody else in my circle had ever heard of the film (a delightful comic turn by Ginger Rogers, by the way).


That made me think. Every week, no doubt, there are a number of great movies on TCM that *I* have never heard of. I'm not talking about "Casablanca" or "The Philadelphia Story," but the lesser-known gems that are too easy to overlook (like "Bachelor Mother").


So -- what's coming up this week that YOU are really looking forward to, even if nobody else has heard of it? Make a case for your movie, so that we won't want to miss it.

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The upcoming documentary on Budd Boeticher and "7 Men from Now" on Wednesday evening. Will have to tivo due to a party committment but am looking forward to it.


We did a small retro on Boeticher when I was in film school a million years ago and I have always wanted to learn more about him and now I have the chance.


Besides, the movie has Randolph Scott in it!


A choir of voices is heard (an homage to Blazing Saddles)

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> You should watch them 'cause they have Irene in them!


Okay, okay, Jill. But let's say I don't have time for all of them (what are there anyway, six in a row?). What's your number one pick from tomorrow's lineup? Which film is going to turn me into a fellow Irene Dunne fanatic?

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Excuse my interrupting, but "Love Affair" is today's pick. With Charles Boyer it is a lovely, warm and charming film. They have a comfortable rapport that makes you believe they are in love. It has some laughs too. A good film that would have been nice to be included is "Theodora Goes Wild". A wonderful "screwball comedy."

Even if the other movies are lesser works, good for TCM for showing movies you made not have seen before.

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