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Scurrilous South Africa Travelogue


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I wonder what dim-wit at TCM scheduled the 'One Reel

Wonder' documentary/travelogue of South Africa to run

up against 'Mogambo' on February 8.


In the midst of 'Black History Month' to boot?


It contained such wonderful, racist, assertions that the

native Africans were basically lazy and shiftless.


And the jingoistic assertions that the white South

Africans had somehow lifted the black people out of

their primitive tribal existence, treated them

wonderfully, and 'civilized' them.


We all know now that this is anything but true, and to

run a 'documentary' that is little more than an

apologia for apartheid is unacceptable, in the

absence of some introduction that explains what a

propaganda piece it is.


Don't run it without explanation, don't run it during

Black History Month, and better yet, DON'T RUN IT AT



Horrible, just horrible.

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I'm not so passionate, but I think items like that with outdated views are interesting and should be watched. I doubt anyone watching took what it said seriously, and it serves as a reminder of how much we have (or haven't) changed.


Like you said, we all know it isn't true.

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