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Film Restoration


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There was an interesting article regarding film restoration and preservation in the Hollywood Reporter today.


It can cost upwards of a million dollars or more to restore a film. Also, it can take four or five years to complete the work. The restoration of "Kong" took five years and Disney's restoration of "Bambi" took four.


It is not as simple as going to the vault, picking up the elements and sending them off to be duped. Especially with older films, it requires tracking down elements from archives and vaults around the world in order to restore scenes that were cut due to length or censorship.


Also, there is the financial considerations to keep in mind as well. Money for archives to preserve and restore films while gaining still requires some serious resources.


Studios have the money to preserve and restore their libraries but as we have seen with the dismal track record of Paramount, they have to have someone in charge who actually cares knows what's in their library and actually cares.


While we all wish that more films were restored each year, here's to Warner Bros, Fox and the other studios who each year try to sate our appetites for restored classics.


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