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I know the database is still in "beta" mode but major kudos to the folks responsible for it. It has so much information in it. Notes on the making of the films, release companies, number of reels, etc.


A major job to be sure and one that is very much appreciated.


Thanks again!

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Guest rsteiner0609

Hello -


Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the nice thoughts on the dbase. We have been working on it for a long time. It is in beta form so you'll certainly see a few errors we are working on, but most of it should be working well. If you want to see where we hope to go with it, take a look at a few titles where we've populated a few interesting archive images from films. These are in the 'Archives" links at the top of the pages. A few examples are:


Production documents from Casablanca (1942):



Some screenplay pages from Forbidden Planet (1956):



A program guide for Gone With the Wind (1939):



Publicity Notes for Claire Trevor:



We have a great deal more of this material we will be placing in the database. And later in '06, we will add a function that allows anyone to share their own images of memorabilia or other images to a title or person in the database. Our goal is to establish an important internet archive and information tool for classic film.


As always - if you have an idea or suggestion, we're always listening - jot it down and use the email function in our Contact Us section (link is at the bottom of this page). Thanks again for your support on all this - we really appreciate it.


TCM web

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I just checked out the Casablanca production notes... it's a great idea to make such things available, but why is it a Flash file? Well, I guess I know why... 'cause you want to "protect" the memorabilia so we can't save a copy to keep. Too bad, I was hoping it would be a jpeg scan, or text that we could print out. I guess this database is gonna be kinda like an online museum... we can look but we can't touch. :P


Oh phooey, even the publicity photos/posters are in Flash format instead of jpeg. Not only that but the pop-up is way too large to view on my monitor. And there's no scrolling bar so we can scroll down and see the rest of the image.


This new website design seems to be assuming that all of it's visitors have monitors that are a certain size, the fastest computers and high-speed internet - and therefore that we won't mind loading up Flash files all the time. If I'm going to be using up my limited bandwidth "downloading" huge Flash files, I'd at least like to be able to save a copy of the files I'm downloading!


Anyway, I wish this site was more compatible with people on dial-up, or people with older, slower computers and smaller monitors. It's kinda funny.. this is a site for old movie-lovers, and yet we're all expected to have the newest technology!

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