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title, please! of old 'Christmas Carol' version


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This is my first post on what I think is a great forum - one thing the Internet is perfect for -


I'd be very grateful of help from anyone as to which of the many versions of "A Christmas Carol" is this one is one in question is..


It was in black & white and I estimate that it was from the late 1940s. The one thing that stood out as the most unique is that the iconic sequence with the door knocker (when Ebenezer first gets to his home) does NOT feature the face of Jacob Marley's specter superimposed on it - but instead features the lion-head style door knocker ITSELF simply coming to life [using live-action animation] in time with the voice uttering "Scrooooge" ..



I'm not sure which actor playing Ebenezer Scrooge (out of the more well-known versions) the one from THIS film looked the most like - but if I recall correctly he bore most a resemblance to Alistair Sim as he was in the (oft-described as 'definitive') 1951 version. I thought the version-in-question was quite good, itself.


I first saw this back I believe in the late 70's - one Christmas Eve, I believe.


Thank you very much for any solving of this years-old mystery!




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Thanks, feaito, for your suggestion. btw- I should've titled this thread "version, please" not "title, please" - but anyway..


These are the versions that I know for sure that it's NOT:


1951 starring Alistair Sim

1935 starring Sir Seymour Hicks

1938 starring Reginald Owen

nor any animated one .. nor a musical


.. is definitely a movie originally shot in black & white and prior to 1970 - probably prior to 1960!


from the versions I've seen mentioned on various web sites, it MAY be one of the made-for-tv versions such as:


1947 with John Carradine

1949 with Taylor Holmes

1950 with Bransby Williams

1953 with Noel Leslie

1954 with Basil Rathbone


1964 with Cyril Ritchard


Thanks again!

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