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Wait, wait, wait... she had the operation and was okay? I don't remember that... I just remember them embracing at the end and then a shot of her waving as his car drove away...I think. I could be wrong, 'cause I was tired. (Why does TCM always run the movies I'm most interested in, the more rare, obscure ones, in the wee hours of the morning?!)


Anyway, that was an abrupt ending. Was it implied that a lot of time had passed and the operation was successful? I thought they were leaving us hanging, wondering if she'd be okay or not... which is frustrating.. but I thought it tied into her final speech about how keeping alive isn't the important thing - what's important is *how* you lived. So I thought the moviemakers were gonna leave us in suspense about whether the operation kept her alive or not. I'd love to be wrong though. I want a happy ending. :)

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Yes, she did have the operation and it turned out fine. Dorothy McGuire says to Van Johnson, "Wher's that invitation? What's the name of that doctor?' And, he tells her about one successful operation last year and 2 operations this years, one successful and one not. She picks up the invitation and smiles and they kiss.

The next scene is the one under the cherry tree (implying a passage of time) and then she waves him goodbye as he goes off to work.


You're right, though, the film did have a rushed on, tacked on ending.......

In 1952, they usually had happy ending in their films, but I'd love to know what happened to Ruth Roman.....



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Thanks Larry. :)


I must say I was very annoyed (I'm still stewing over it, actually) that the TCM schedule totally gave away the 2 major plot points which Dorothy McGuire's character discovers over the course of the film...about the state of her health and her marriage... if it's meant to be a surprise to *her*, it should be a surprise to us too, eh? Otherwise you spend the film waiting for the main character to find out what you already know, and her emotional reaction loses a lot of it's impact on the audience.


I've found the film summaries on the schedule are often filled with spoilers. There must be a better way to give us some indication what the movie's about, without ruining the experience by revealing too much.


I really liked "Invitation", despite this, but I know I could've enjoyed it more...

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