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what are they hiding??


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Dear Mike,


Sometimes you will see that if the best available print of a film was one that was used by a television station, back in the days when TV stations used old films as filler. The grey bar is probably hiding the name of the distributor that got tacked on when the movie was shown on TV--for instance, "C&C TV" or "NTA" or "U.M. & M."


If Turner or some other station now wants to show the film and credit the original distributor, they have to "erase" that old distributor name. Sometimes they will be plastering the original name over the TV distributor name that's over the original name!


For more info, see:


http://www.geocities.com/argussventon/cartoondistributors/faq.html (deals specifically with cartoons)





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If you check out this thread in th the General Discussion folder, you will find the answer:




Just click on the above link or look on page #2 of General Discussions under the thread "Bells of St. Mary"


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