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HepKat I missed where King Kong was discussed also. I saw it and man was it long. I said to my son bring on the monkey because well it seemed so long before he hit the screen. I'm going to have to take a look again when it comes out on video I didn't like it. However, my son, the youngest loved it and the oldest like me was glad it was over. When Kong lets go of the Empire State building my son says finally and I'm apt to agree. Am I cynical? I mean is it to hard for me swallow Peter Jackson's take on King Kong? I was disappointed. It went on forever and was nothing different. I mean the version made in the 70s I loved. I was younger then though and I remember my sister and I were glued to the screen. I also love the original and intend to watch it Monday when it comes on again. I feel Jackson could have done a better job. The special effects and the rending of Kong was impressive but he had NO story line or atleast something original. What he did add was hard to believe like the rock tosses and the ice sliding....His attention to detail of the 30s was also impressive and I appreciated it I hate to admit it but I wasn't expecting the throw back to the 30s or the depression times. It seems to me he wasted the money on the special effects when he should have spent it on a story an original story. It reminded me of Huckleberry Finn the book I remember feeling that Twain who told a masterful story didn't know how to end his book and therefore added in a bunch of stuff that wrapped it up but was unsatisfying to me it was a rush job it was like he said how do end I Huckleberry Finn? I think Jackson did the same thing he made a great reproduction of the times he was portraying and like I say that was breath taking but the story was lacking, lacking, lacking.

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Peter Jackson's version of King Kong is what I believe movie making should be about. For 3 hours I was transported into another world, and when I left the theater it took about 1/2 an hour just to feel connected to reality again. The most amazing thing about this movie is the connection between Ann and Kong. I never felt that same way about 33 Kong even though I love that movie. This Kong is so real that you completely forget he only exists inside a computer. And Naomi Watts portrayal of Ann Darrow really sells the whole picture. If you do not feel any sort of emotion during the scenes on the Empire State Building, well then I feel sorry for you because they don't make movies like this any more (thank goodness for all the classics).

Don't be afraid of the length. If your time is so precious that you can't spare an extra hour, then don't go. The first hour serves as the build up to the last two and after seeing it the second time, I enjoyed these scenes even more.

I realize this movie is not for every one, but for those who love a good old fasioned adventure, and who can appreciate a director who still feels passion for his work (even if its not perfect) then go see Kong.

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I thought Jackson's Kong was a masterpiece. It has the same spirit as the original but the characters are much more developed and makes their reasons for embarking on this voyage more realistic. There are moments that are really dark, balanced with moments where the movie doesn't take itself seriously. One thing that is refreshing in this remake is the relationship between Kong and Ann Darrow ... while the original and the '76 remake play on a Beatuy & Beast love story, this one makes it more believable by making Ann Darrow a mother figure to Kong, rather than a transspecies love interest. Kong is like an immature child rather than some ferocious animal, making Kong a more sympathetic character and the ending sadder than the others.

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