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TCM greatest thing since sliced bread and more !!


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I am absolutely blown away by the beauty and professional style that TCM brings to us every day of the week.


Up here in the frozen north in our igloos with our little TV's and cable,, SHAW cable has brought us now for 7 weeks TCM ( Turners Classic Movies)..


Now we all have heard thru the Ice vine that wonderful cable network to the south that brings 24 hours of movies to their cable subscribers But wow,, . here our wonderful CRTC saw finally to allow this American icon to patronise our viewing habits with 24 hours of non stop classic movies from yesteryear 30's to 70's..

The channel allotted to us is on a tier of channels 37 thru 59 ( channel 46 in our area) and this tier is about $2.00 a month. So they did not put this on a digital channel higher up in the 100's that you can only play with a $100 box and the channel would be in a 2.00 by itself or $9.00 for a package of 6 channels..

Yes we have it right here on our cable band that even a VCR could pick up and record if needed. And why not some are not even available on DVD or VHS to buy or rent.. WOW !!!


Mostly 50's and 60's but in WIDESCREEN / UNCUT /UNEDITED and then there is this ' theme' they run,, whether it is the actor or the subject , but the library gurus at TCM who schedule ands program these films use a type of running style of broadcasting that I thought only 'I did' when I put my videos together on my shelf at home.

So I don't know who to thank... the CRTC ? Shaw cable? or TCM ??


PERHAPS ALL THREE Thankyou thankyou and thankyou..


( do you think if CRTC read this thread, they would put the screws to my cable administrator and pull the plug in the new year? I hope not )

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Hi Chauncey! Yes, to all the wonderful things you've said about TCM. I'm in Alberta and have been getting an American feed for about 8 years so have enjoyed TCM to the nth degree. Don't be thanking the CRTC - they suck bigtime IMO, and seem to forget we live in a democracy despite our igloos - but I thank God and TCM every day! lol

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