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Anyone else having problems with the TCM MOVIES ON DEMAND?

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I have sent TCM several emails but have never EVER received a specific or timely reply whenever I have attempted to communicate with TCM using their "Contact Us" via email.


Hopefully someone here is familiar with the TCM MOVIES ON DEMAND app foibles and will be knid enough to enlighten me with a response.


As of this year I have began using the WATCH TCM ON DEMAND app.

I find it handy when traveling, and also, when at home, as I no longer have to worry about a cable glitch when using the app, and I can watch "most" (but not all) TCM movies at my leisure up to 7 days after airing. That has been a very good thing.

BUT, I have queried before with NO RESPONSE from TCM, that there is no way for an app user to know ahead of time which movie that TCM airs that will actually be available for later ON DEMAND

viewing until AFTER they have been aired. Surely the folks at TCM know this ahead of time?

It would be very nice if there was some advance notice provided on the schedule as well, so those of us using the app would know in advance which movies we will be able to watch later on the app, and which that must be watched only during the "Live" broadcast.

Would be really considerate if someone at TCM addressed this concern, and let us know somewhere on these boards about it.

Now, to my immediate frustration and the reason for this thread...


Late last Saturday night (11/7/2015) the TCM MOVIES ON DEMAND ALL MOVIES title list vanished from my PC screen. Well, not totally... the TCM logo page is still there, but the MOVIES ON DEMAND Movies List for the previous 7 days is now blank?

I now have no way to select movies to watch using the app from up to 7 days prior....

The current & previous days Schedule is still there. But no longer are there any movies listed or their images?
I don't know if I have somehow inadvertantly filtered the list out? or if TCM is having an ongoing problem with the ON DEMAND page that is not yet corrected. Or if there is some other issue going on.
There were some movies on the schedule that I wanted to watch and time (the 7 day limit) is quickly running out...


Contact TCM has no specific "drop down" "category" for email queries addressing their MOVIES ON DEMAND, and though I've shotgunned my concerns to several of their "categories" TCM has never, EVER specifically replied to a single email that I've ever sent them in the past, and not likely to change their ways at this moment....

Could, Would someone at on the TCM boards that is familiar with the TCM ON DEMAND app, please send me a prompt email reply regarding this latest issue.


Please check (preferably using your PC) and see if the TCM MOVIES ON DEMAND ALL MOVIES title list is visible on your PC screen and let me know.

That will tell me whether this is an issue that everyone is experiencing, or just a problem that I may be having for some unknown reason?

Thank you (whoever you are) for taking the time (hoping that you do) to reply back to me.


BTW, I inadvertantly started this thread in the "Information Please" board, but perhaps this is a better to ask since the GD board is more heavily trafficked. A reply to either location is very much appreciated. Thx

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Stephan55--Your first concern is addressed in the "What I Learned on the TCM Cruise...", thread, post #19 and is quoted in post #15, paragraph 5 in both posts.  As to your immediate problem, there is a forum you have to scroll All the way down the page to get to, "Problems With TCM".  You may want to post there.  Hope this helps.

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Stephan55--Your first concern is addressed in the "What I Learned on the TCM Cruise...", thread, post #19 and is quoted in post #15, paragraph 5 in both posts.  As to your immediate problem, there is a forum you have to scroll All the way down the page to get to, "Problems With TCM".  You may want to post there.  Hope this helps.

Thanks film lover 293 for the reply


Just checked out the thread:





Just got back from the TCM Classic Cruise. Here are some things mentioned (some of these may not be official yet) by Bob and/or the TCM staff...



I had a chance to talk with the website designer, and I mentioned my small complaint that although I love the Watch TCM feature on the website, it would be considerably more useful if we could know in advance what movies will make Watch TCM and what movies they can't show. To my surprise, he thought that was a good idea and something they can do in the near future. He said they sometimes don't know themselves until 15-20 days before showing, so it's not possible to put that information on the programming guide, but he thought he might be able to find a way to include within WatchTCM itself somehow. So if you see that feature sometime in the near future, I take full credit for it. :-)


Gee that's swell, all you have to do is contact the actual Website Designer somehow and have a little one on one....

What about the numerous emails addressing that same issue that have been sent probably since the online feature launched, and that I have personally sent the last 3 plus months, I guess nobody ever actually reads those, or directs them to someone who can actually address the issue/s.

Has anyone EVER actually received a direct and specific email response from ANYONE at TCM by sending them an email query from this location????   http://www.tcm.com/contact-tcm.html

As far as I am personally concerned TCMs "service representatives" don't exist.



Stephan55-- As to your immediate problem, there is a forum you have to scroll All the way down the page to get to, "Problems With TCM". You may want to post there. Hope this helps.


Sorry, I can usually follow a map without much difficulty, but I guess I'm a little dense here,.... I've been looking all over these boards and have not been able to locate that forum you mentioned.

Could you please be a little more specific or perhaps provide me a quick link?




Found it





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I found a work around to be able to still locate the movies on the app that I wanted to watch. A bit cumbersome, but it worked.  

After watching a couple before they expired, I noticed that the missing film images were back up and when I then clicked on the ALL MOVIES button... low and behold the title list "magically" became visible again.

I've a sneaky feeling that the problem was with my cable provider (COX).

I did nothing to make the list go away, and did nothing to make it reappear. After a two 1/2 day hiatus, it magically just "fixed" itself.

Not.... but I can never get my cable provider to admit that they are at fault with anything....


Figures I'd post the issue here and within a few more hours the problem would "correct" itself.


Anyway, I appreciate the kind support provided by my fellow board members. That is the only support that I have received. Nothing from TCM nor my Cable provider, so thanks guys.  :)

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UPDATE to my Original Post/s


I have read through most of the threads in the technical section and have come to the SAD conclusion that TCM is totally deficit in providing any kind of support to their viewers regarding technical difficulties with their highly promoted WATCH TCM ON DEMAND App!


I HAVE NEVER received an email reply from anyone at TCM regarding any of my queries, and I see that I am far from alone here.

Whenever I have called them likewise no one ever picks up or calls me back.

I do see on a very few occassions that Moderator One has made a response within a very few of these threads, but evidently nothing positive has resulted from that.


When I first started using the WATCH TCM App earlier this year, I was pretty pleased.

It worked on my PC using Win 7, with Iexplorer 9, and other than not knowing which movies would be available to view later on the App (before they were aired "live") I really had no issues.

That was until somebody at TCM must have made some kind of "upgrade" to the App in early November 2015 that wasn't compatible with my system set-up and caused the listed movies to disappear.

That was when my frustration level grew to the point that I started this thread.


The movie list would occassionally and "mysteriously" reappear and then disappear again, and for the most part this month it has rarely shown up. So using that feature with Iexplorer has been a bust.


I did discover a somewhat cumbersome "work around" to watching movies using the APP though that I have been using since November. That was simply typing in Title in the SEARCH in the upper right hand corner of the page, the movie would "sometimes" show up and allow me to watch it.

There are flaws with this "work around" because the App search engine doesn't recognize apostrophies, and certain title idiosyncrasies, so one must try different search variations, and even doing all that, some titles that really are there, won't show up at all, regardless.

The only way to narrow the title search down to those that are available for later viewing is to religiously use the day and previous day schedule. Also I have discovered that for some reason when using Google Chrome the title list pops up like it should, though when attempting to use Chrome to watch I repeatedly get a SAML error when trying to verify my COX account.


So I can use Chrome to verify what's available on the App, but must use Iexplorer and the App SEARCH engine when trying to watch something.


So this has been my mode of operation throughout November and most of this month.

Then TCM began promoting a "New" "Improved" App????? (Again... this month) and whatever they did, has only screwed my viewing with the App up even more than before.


For the last couple of weeks, about 2 out of three attempts to watch a movie using the APP (even when I can get it to load), the movie will freeze somewhere during the watch (usually during the first half of the movie).

Frequently I now get a message that Iexplorer has failed or the TCM signal is no longer available.

I can restart, reenter my COX verification and start watching over again. But the problem may or may not occur again and again.


Another issue is that despite signing in to COX the App requires me to sign in again, and again, about three out of five times whenever I re-search either the same movie, or a different movie.


I have only tried watching movies using the TCM APP on a PC (sometimes connected to a big screen monitor) and I have only been using Win 7, Iexplorer version 9, or Google Chrome.


I see many here actually use various portable electronic devices for viewing TCM and there appear to be numerous problems across the board with many of them. All which remain unaided by anyone from the TCM technical department.


My experience with my system watching movies on the APP has been quite mixed.
When I can get everything to work "right" that is.


My system is a high end laptop PC with an I7-4910MQ CPU, onboard HD 4600 graphics, and an independent high end Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M graphics processor, plenty of VRAM and 32GB on board RAM. A High Def 18" 1080 monitor.
And using Win 7 (64 bit) OS, and Iexplorer 9, or Google Chrome web browsers.


At home my WiFi download has been a pretty consistent 5-6 Mbps using Wifi (generally 3 Mbps or faster has been good enough for NetFlix on-line movie viewing) and the ethernet Broadband has been a pretty consistent 15-17 Mbps.

So the Connection speeds should not be a factor.
Also, I only attempt to watch TCM with the App when nobody else in the house is using WiFi.

When using WiFi I found the system would occassionally, annoyingly, buffer, sometimes only once, sometimes repeatedly (evidently the TCM App internet speeds must be much more demanding than NetFlix), so I began experimenting using an ethernet cable connection with broadband to see if that made a difference.


When viewing with an 18" PC monitor or on a much larger screen the quality varies considerably.
A few of the APP movie downloads have been equal to DVD quality, but most of them are not.
I have also noticed that whenever there are rapid scene changes, or fast action that the image most often deteriorates. This happens inconsistently though, as in a few movies whether black & white or color, the image quality has remained constant.

These image problems become less noticeable on much smaller screens, and movies are perhaps best viewed on screens screens 7" or less. So image inconsistencies may also be more pronounced on a larger screen Ipad.


Also, for some strange reason, several of the TCM movies have been broadcast in annoyingly tiny Windowbox format.


At this point I do not see the APP replacing TCMs live subscriber service anytime soon.


There are many, many variables, any of which could either be the singular cause or compound the many problems expressed by myself and other posters on these boards.


-There is the internet provider (in my case COX), some of which are notorious for bad service and even worse support.
-For WiFi especially, download speed can be affected by high traffic times in an area, which would generally cause lower speeds below minimum thresholds, and increased buffering .

-There is a host of different portable devices using a variety of configurations which interact, or NOT with the TCM App.
-These include a variety of browser version issues, types of Antivirus and AntiMalware protection, and level of security chosen by the individuals, including acceptance of third party cookies, etc.

-AND finally we have the various renditions of the TCM App itself.

Evidently the TCM App is/has been under constant revision, which can explain why what once worked for some of us no longer does.


However most of these issues could be more easily addressed IF ONLY TCM APP designers/promoters would COMMUNICATE with US, the USERS.

I have absolutely NO idea what the APP requires to function as it should. What OS it works best on, what Browser version is most compatible. How weak and vulnerable must I make my system to allow the APP to perform.

I have been unable to find ANY of this information on these Boards, and of course, NOBODY at TCM responds to ANY of US when we cry out for help here.


In spite of its current flaws, when working one can become easily accustomed to the convenience of a seven day viewing window for at least most of what TCM broadcasts live.

HOWEVER, at this state of NO ONLINE SUPPORT from anyone at TCM I caution ALL APP users to BEWARE.

What works today, may fail tomorrow, and when it does, you will be left crying in the dust by TCM.


UNLESS TCM chooses to address our concerns, as most any responsible company would (or should) I would stay away from using the WATCH TCM ONLINE APP, or at least approach with grave caution.


For me the WATCH TCM App appears to be a very poor release (and each "revision" brings it's own "can-of-worms" to the table).
It's certainly NOT (in it's current state) worthy of such great promotion hype.



For ALL of the Above reasons (and especially the last), the TCM App reflects poorly on TCM as a whole.


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