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Nostradamus And The Queen

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Did anyone see this short between The Bachelor And The Bobbysoxer and Dream Wife tonight? Wasn't the beginning strangely like The Twilight Zone's opening? It had that strange Dali-esque landscape like The Zone had, with the same sort of intro narration. I think Serling lifted the idea of his opening from this.

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Just wanted to say...I LOVE the Nostradamus shorts! I love the over-dramatic narration, I love the eerily accurate prophecies, I love the inevitable wartime propaganda tie-in at the end. :) I'd love to see more of the series (if there is more) - so far I'm just seeing the same 2 shorts repeated.

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Another 'One Reel Wonder' that pops up occasionally is MGM's final Nostradamus short---1944's "Nostradamus and the Bobby Soxer," in which the old soothsayer predicts:


*the untimely death of Pres. Zachary Taylor

*invention of the ice cream cone (but strangely, not the invention of ice cream)

*U.S. rejection of the metric system

*U.S. rejection of Donna Reed as 'Miss Ellie' on "Dallas"

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"Nostradamus...rejection of Donna Reed as 'Miss Ellie' on "Dallas""


I have been meaning to comment on your comment regarding the Nostradamus--network TV connection.


A couple of years ago I interpreted Quatrain XXIVa as predicting the substitution of Dick York by Dick Sargent--"Bewitched", 1969.


Quite specific as to the year...amazing!


Thank you for writing about this interesting (and little known) topic.



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