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fox business gop debate


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the business-related questions almost put me to sleep. jeb bush was a bit more animated but I think it is much too late. then that schtootz kasich tries to demean trump on immigration in front of the whole country and it is a perfect example of the unmitigated arrogant disconnect that exists between the gop establishment and their voters and of course jeb hadda join in.
the electorate is mad and here we are being lectured by schtootzes like kasich and bush about how it's unrealistic to deport tens of thousands of illegals but what they doan get is this...
people are fed up! ted cruz is right! we start kissin' up to illegals and what's the diff between the egg-sucking democrats and the gop? none! kasich probably thinks he scored a few.


whatta schtootz!


kasich said something last nite that got him some boos from the audience which was unusual. than there's those two other schtootz moments of his. he gives obama credit for sending some ships into the south china sea to 'scare' the chi-comms.


is he kidding? kasich is impressed by that???...


whatta schtootz.


then the big highlight of kasich's schtootz-ness last nite...
he's the only one on that stage who comes out for obama's TPP agreement.


again, whatta friggin' schtootz.


and what about carson? what about carson? he wants to give federal rebates to the poor?


sounds like obama. :o

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