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4th GOP Debate: Even Softball Moderators Can't Help These Guys


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The real headline from this week’s Republican debate wasn’t that the candidates clashed over immigration and national security. It was that they agreed on economic policies that have proved unpopular and unwise—and that may make the eventual nominee unelectable.



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you think those questions were softball??? I personally want them to be asked tough questions...but not like that. :D

so at some future democrat debate some moderator asks hillary clinton what her personal feelings have been torwards her husband since that monica lewinsky business....


that would be fair and softball?


come on, darkblue. the very first question to trump compared his campaign to comic books.

imagine the boos a question like that would elicit from an audience if it were asked of hillary.

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those three were not softball moderators. they were unannounced supporters of hillary clinton dishonestly hiding behind that presumed veil of journalistic objectivity that has delegitimized the american msm for a good 50 years now. :D

there...I said it! -mark levin :D

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