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Thank you, Robert Osborne

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I spent New Year's Eve with a man who is not my husband.


While my poor husband slaved away over a bar, serving drinks to disinterested strangers and intoxicated partygoers, I was in the company of a distinguished silver-haired gentleman. He wore a tuxedo, and the dashing look made a nice contrast with the quietness of his demeanor.


When he spoke, it was with a wry and gentle sense of humor, and though there were myriad who shared his banter, I felt that the jokes were meant just for me. His voice was warm, and the way he moved closer as he spoke said he was glad to be there, that he was a friend. He held a champagne flute in one hand, comfortably - like one who is accustomed to the genteel life.


When he smiled, as always, there was a touch of sadness behind his eyes. This is a quality that I have always found more magnetic than outward beauty. Inner sadness has a mystery that makes you want to stay until the flower opens, so that for a moment you might look inside and see the source - the wellspring of tears, on the chance that you might be able to offer help, or at least empathy.


Throughout the evening, we watched old horror movies together - ringing out the old year with movies that were themed with "the end is near" messages. A lovely touch, I thought. A sense of humor always makes auspicious moments less awkward. There were classics such as "The Thing From Another World", "The Blob", and "It Came From Outer Space", as well as some I had never seen before, like, "The Quatermass Xperiment".


He didn't complain that I sat and crocheted while we watched the movies, and he smiled when I text messaged my husband a loving (and longing) Happy New Year's missive just seconds before the clock struck twelve.


When the stroke of midnight had passed, he raised his glass to me in a New Year's toast, and I felt as though no one at any party anywhere in the great old city of New York had a more elegant transition into 2006 than I did, in my very own living room, with Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies.


Thank you, Mr. Osborne.

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WOW! What a beautiful and complimentary post regarding Robert Osborne and TCM.

It's refreshing to see such a post to begin the the New Year, especially after some bitching and snide remarks that TCM has endued this past year.

Thank you Elysia for making my day. Happy 2006 to you.



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What a great way to kick off 2006 ! Elysia, I certainly hope Mr. Osborne and all the folks at TCM see this and appreciate your beautiful sentiments.To everyone at TCM, your efforts are to be commended. Elysia,have a great 2006 !


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I was fortunate to be at the same table with Mr. Osborne during the 2001 Tony Award dinner. My daughter was nominated that year and I attended as an average person not known in show business. He was as warm and interesting as seen on TCM and we must have spent 20 minutes talking about TCM, his career and movies in general.


Your thoughts were very well placed and I admire your ability to express them.

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that was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your wonderful NYE with the always elegant and charming Mr Osborne.


I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Osborne at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Hollywood a few years ago. He and I spoke briefly- he wanted to know about my movie interests and then we parted. It was one of the best meetings I've ever had with someone I admire so much. A very classy man.


thank you again for sharing. :-)



Miss Randi

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