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Movie title based on simple description? Who has what it takes?

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I posted this over two years, and I've recently become very curious about this film again.


I have no idea what the film was about or who was in it, or even what time period. All I remember was that it was B&W and I saw it on TCM almost exactly a year ago. The scene I recall is one in which two men, a comedic duo, perform their opening skit before a band and/or singer performs. They are talking to each other and the audience and making everyone laugh with sort-of snappy humor and some slapstick (I think). They do their routine for about five minutes and then they step out of the way and a band starts playing. It was classic Abbott and Costello type stuff. But with two men I've never seen before.


Well thats it folks, I know its not much, but thats all I got. I remember rewatching this scene over and over and OVER. It was amazing, and my days are now spent daydreaming and longing to see this celluloid masterpiece once more. HELP ME TCM, I will forever be your slave.

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I really don't know for the answer to your question, but in the forties, RKO teamed Wally Brown and Alan Carney in a series of "B" pictures as sort of their version of Abbott and Costello.  They were teamed in about eight pictures from 1943 to 1946.  Perhaps if you checked them out on IMDB and YouTube, that might tell you if they were the ones you are looking for.

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