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favorite film deaths

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Well, I love alot of tear-jerker romance movies. And when it comes to lots of tear-jerker deaths all in one place, it doesn't get any better than "The English Patient". Katharine Clifton's death, Laszlo de Almasy's death, and even Geoffrey Clifton's death were all dramatic and sad.


Other totally romantic deaths were Robert Kincaid's death (or really, it's aftermath) and Francesca's funeral in "Bridges of Madison County".

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Tough choice, being that are so many memorable deaths in great film.


I would have to say the most impacting film death is when Pasquale kills his long time friend Giuseppe in De Sica?s Masterpiece ?Shoeshine?. I can?t help but be moved to tears every time I see this film.


Also the circle of blood in Pasolini?s ?Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom?.


The young boy who kills himself in Rossellini?s ?Germany Year Zero.?


Apu?s sister dying in ?Pather Pancheli?. Especially the dolly shot of Apu as his parents finally break down.


The great Robert Donat in the original ?Goodbye, Mr Chips?.


Spencer Tracey in ?Captains Courages?.


Oh and the suicide of Didier Haudepin in classic gay youth film ?This Special Friendship.? Very Tragic!

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Richard Gere & Sean Connery starred in a King Arthur movie that near the end- during a battle Richard's character kills one-- who as he died-- his face changes from color to shadowed over with grey & lifeless. The most visual of death looks- I've seen. Please excuse me for having trouble will defining /locating the other movie details.

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It's called "First Knight." I like both the King Arthur legend and Sean Connery and was excited when it came out, but what a dissapointment! In this movie, Connery plays Arthur like a jealous fool, which is demeaning to both the legend and Connery. In the books, the whole tragedy of the love triangle was that Arthur knew all about the affair, but loved both Guenivere and Lancelot too much to hurt them in any way, until Mordred and his cronies forced his hand. Of course there's more to it than that, but still...

Hollywood just can't seem to get it right.

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Ghastly movie, made by a director who had no clue as to what he was doing, or what story he was trying to tell.


The only saving grace was Jerry Goldsmith's brilliant score, one of the finest achievements of the latter part of the composer's career.

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Great work by a master composer. I am also partial to his work on WILD ROVERS.

As for film character deaths: James Whitmore as Ben in THEM.Even now,after what must be 20-something viewings, it still gets me.

Cicero Grimes

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Herbert Marshall, stricken with a heart attack and attempting unsuccessfully to crawl up the stairs to get his medicine, while a particularly venomous Bette Davis listens in the foreground to his dying gasps. The Little Foxes, 1941. Superb!


The spirits of Kay Francis and William Powell, reunited in death as shown through the clinking of 2 cocktail glasses. One Way Passage, 1932.


The "lover" shot to death 6 times, tumbling backwards across the veranda and down the steps, at the opening of The Letter, 1940.

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