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Favorite Film Noir

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What I think would help all film noir fans is if someone would study ?The Big Sleep? and write out an outline of all the characters and their relationships with each other. I think that would make this film less confusing. There are characters mentioned several times in this film who we never ever see, and I keep getting them mixed up with other characters. I?m so confused now, I?m not sure if I should be the one to make out the outline.

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> My favs are:


> Mildred Pierce

> Double Indemnity

> The Big Sleep

> Laura

> Nora Prentiss

> They Drive by Night (film noir???)


I love all those films, however, I'd have to delete They Drive by Night from any film noir list. While Ida Lupino's character certainly qualifies as a classic noir femme fatale, the film is not nearly dark enough, and Raft, Bogie, and Sheridan's characters are all very decent people just trying to make an honest living. Still, it's a terrific example of the kind of working man/woman film that Warners did so well in the 1930s and 40s. The opening scene in the diner where Sheridan and Raft first meet is great, and the bantering and sexual double-entendres are just classic.

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