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World War II Musical?

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I know there are many of these posts, and I am crossing my fingers that someone out there can help me!


I saw this black and white movie on TCM this summer, it was a musical set in World War I or II, your classic boy-girl romance. The leading man was a singer or band leader or other type of entertainer, and joins the army to win a girl, and the film follows him in boot camp. There is a big song-and-dance number at either a train station or an airport of all the girls in his troupe sending him off. The leading lady is a singer and dancer in the USO/Army Entertainment group, and at one point he sneaks off base in the uniform of a higher officer to see her-- he gets caught and is put in the army 'jail' for a day, where he does a song-dance-tap routine. It is very much the "boy-chasing-girl" tale, she is dating a lieutenant or other high officer and has little to no interest in him. The movie ends with the boy filling in for another male dancer in a big wedding-themed song-and-dance routine with the object of his affection, the girl he adores; he swaps a real minister for the dancer-minister, so by the end of the song the two are married, much to her surprise. Love overcomes all.


This movie makes being in the army look fun and a bundle of laughs, and really encourages young men and women to join up and fight for uncle sam. I think these types of films-- war musicals-- are interesting since it says so much about the culture, how America, as a whole, trusted and believed in and supported the military and our goverment. For some reason that innocence and optimism seems particuarly intriguing right now, and I have a strange affection for them. They're so much fun!



I really thought the film was with Fred Astaire, but after numerous searches on IMDB and TCM, I am thinking I am wrong. I rented "Follow the Fleet" from netflicks, thinking it was the film, and it most definitely is not. I am dying to see this movie again.


I'm 22 years old and have just, in the past six months, discovered old movies and have fallen hard. This film, whose name I do not know, was one of the first musicals to enthrall me--- help me recapture my first romance by naming this film!



(additionally, any suggestions for good romantic musical comedies would be fantastic--- my favorites are swing time and the gay divorcee!)


thank you so very much----

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Goodness . . . There are so many good romantic musical comedies. It's hard to know where to begin. Try Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (my 19-year-old Army son loves this one!) I am 42, but did not discover the great old movies until I was a student at the University of Georgia and saw them at the student center theater. I was also instantly hooked and have been ever since. I've raised my two sons on all of these - and they still love me anyway!


Try also Bells Are Ringing (Dean Martin) - fantastic! (The first old movie I saw in college)


How about the Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra musical romantic comedies - Take Me Out To The Ballgame, On The Town, and Anchors Aweigh. These are all lots of fun.


And don't forget Singin' In The Rain (my personal favorite musical of all time).

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