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viral video of classic stars dancing to uptown funk


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WOW! What a tremendous editing job there!


(...great find, Lorna...thanks for posting it!)


Not a problem.


I've read a few posters in other threads complain they don't know how to embed vids on this site, it is SUPER EASY:


1. go to youtube and find the video.

2. select the address on the web of the video (in the address bar) and COPY IT.

3. PASTE it in the body of a message and boom you're done.


it's very easy and I am decidedly "techtarded."

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I think the opening scene is from RED HEADED WOMAN (am I wrong?)


other than that, I can spot:






THE BARCLAYS OF BROADWAY (featured quite prominently)


THE PIRATE (the scene with the three clowns)







I can't remember what film Cagney in the sailor suit comes from, but DAMN homeboy could dance!


anyone know where the B&W scene of Fred Astaire bouncing the ball off the roof and catching it in his hat is from?

also anyone know where the technicolor scene of (is it Ray Bolger?) dancing atop the hedge row is from?

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I can't remember what film Cagney in the sailor suit comes from, but DAMN homeboy could dance!




The Cagney scene is from FOOTLIGHT PARADE (1933), Lorna. And Jimmy is dancing with Ruby Keeler in the "Shanghai Lil" number.

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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.... turn on the closed captioning. It lists the movie titles.


Would love to have seen Ann Miller "Too Darn Hot" in KISS ME KATE and Carol Haney "Steam Heat" in PAJAMA GAME.

Uptown funk? I thought I would see Fred Astaire dancing to Parliament/Funkadelic's "One Nation Under a Groove".

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Somebody has too much time on their hands, but thank goodness for that, because that video was phenomenal.  I agree with Dargo.  The editing job was fantastic! I also love Bruno Mars' song, so that was an added bonus, lol.


I spotted:


-The Barkleys of Broadway w/ Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

-Girl Crazy w/ Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney

-You Were Never Lovelier w/ Astaire & Rita Hayworth

-Take Me Out to the Ballgame w/ Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly

-Gilda w/ Hayworth 

-Young Frank Sinatra (Maybe Step Lively?)

-Animal Crackers w/ Groucho Marx (Groucho and Shirley Temple should have teamed up for a "Animal Crackers" sequel with Shirley singing "Animal Crackers In My Soup")

-For Me and My Gal w/ Garland and Kelly 

-Summer Stock w/ Garland

-The Little Princess w/ Temple 

-Easter Parade w/ Ann Miller; later Astaire's "Steppin' Out With My Baby" number

-Footlight Parade w/ James Cagney

-The Pirate w/ Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers

-On the Town w/ Kelly, Sinatra, Miller, Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett, and Jules Munshin

-Stormy Weather w/ The Nicholas Brothers

-Babes on Broadway w/ Garland and Rooney

-Anchors Aweigh w/ Kelly and Sinatra; later Kelly w/ Jerry the Mouse

-Singin' in the Rain w/ Kelly, Donald O' Connor and Debbie Reynolds

-Ziegfield Follies w/ Lucy and later Kelly & Astaire

-Till the Clouds Roll By w/ Garland

-The Band Wagon w/ Astaire and Cyd Charisse

-Top Hat w/ Astaire and Rogers

-Cover Girl w/ Kelly, Hayworth and Phil Silvers

-Royal Wedding w/ Astaire

-Laurel & Hardy (Not sure which short this is from)

-The Red Shoes w/ Moira Shearer

-An American in Paris w/ Georges Guetary singing "Stairway to Paradise" 

-That's Entertainment II w/ Astaire and Kelly


There are a couple of Shirley Temple films, a Rooney-Garland (I couldn't place her sequined dress), a bunch of the Rogers-Astaire numbers that I couldn't identify.  I haven't seen their films enough to know what costumes are in which film.


I spotted a lot of Eleanor Powell, but I can't even begin to name what movies they were from.  


Lorna: The Fred Astaire ball on the roof number is from Broadway Melody of 1940.  I didn't know that, but I researched it and found that out for you :-) 

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speedracer5--the clips of Eleanor Powell are from "Broadway Melody of 1940" and "Lady Be Good" (1941)  (there are multiple clips from this one).  Might be a clip from "I Dood It" (1943) (I don't know Whose idea of a title that was, but was Vincente Minnelli's 2nd movie).


I thought "I dood it" was a Red Skelton saying....

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Red Skelton was the co-star--but I had the wrong movie.  It was "Honolulu".


Edit: Thanks for the information.  "I Dood It' (1943) was Not on my priority list to see, as Skelton is not a favorite.


I used to feel that way about Red a little...but then I sat through WHISTLING IN THE DARK one afternoon, and damned if he ain't kinda funny. Sometimes I admit he's a bit much to take, but if you're going to have a comedian whose chief "bit" is cranking it up to an 11 on the Spazzometer, PLEASE gimme Red over Jerry Lewis or Danny Kaye or Jim Carrey any damned day of the week.


ps- plus, from various things I've read here and there, Skelton at least seems like he was a pretty decent guy in real life.

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i've watched the video a bunch of times and I have a few different takeways from it:


1. Eleanor Powell and Ann Miller were MACHINES. That is some POWER DANCING.


2. Judy Garland. Damn. To have the voice would be enough, but then there was the acting talent BUT THEN there is the DANCING ABILITY, which I don't think she is lauded for anywhere near as much as she should be. THE MOST TALENTED HUMAN BEING IN HISTORY.


But finally:


3. 4:30 in the video and again at 4:40, how exactly did that conversation go between those guys and the director?


"Okay, we're going to crash through the

railing and then jump off the 15 foot balcony

and land in three simultaneous splits..."


"are you SERIOUS?"


"yeah, but then you're gonna wanna have someone

close by to toss us our canes, 'cause we're gonna

leap to our feet and start spinning them like

nunchucks while tap dancing. That cool?"


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