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Trump: I Will Build ‘a Big Beautiful Safe Zone’ in Syria for Refugees


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I love that you started this thread! EVERYBODY LOVES TRUMP. After all, he is even a bigger space cadet than Ben Carson!


Now... this "Young Turk" is TOTALLY baffled by him!!!!


I mean... even I... kinda know... that Trump bluffs a lot. He is NOT going to build any walls, since the voters supporting will eventually realize how silly it is, not to mention expensive. Also do you think, after Obama and the two Bushes... and Billy Clinton... promised so much in their elections that they never delivered, that Trump will be any different?


In fact, this is the only reason why he hasn't been put in a straight jacket yet and taken away in a paddy wagon. He is simply a politician, true and true. Unable to moderate his Alka-Selzer intake.




Again... this commentator annoys me as much as Bill O'Reilly does. BOTH have huge mouths.


However... *chuckle chuckle*...





Now... I understand this is a VERY touchy issue... all of the (mostly Republican) state governors are in total rage over Obama wanting to allow Syrian refugees... and the report of at least one European one being among the terrorists.


Now... I am fully expecting comments like "How dare you compare this situation to something that is TOTALLY unrelated!", BUT...


I still feel a sense of déjà vu to this old incident...



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if obama can talk his way into the WH then who's to say trump can't?



life is full of impossibilities realized. :lol:


You're catching on.   Trump is peddling a hope and change message just like Obama did but the specific items (that red meat) are different  to appeal to GOP primary voters.    As JennyL notes Trump is a politician now and acting just like one. 

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